Outdated yet still useful guide from aeria forums

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this is a guide I found a long time ago that has really helped me become better at the game and most/some of the guide still applies to the game even though it is 3-4 years old. Also just wanted to bring it here before it gets lost at aeria because there is alot of useful things :)
[Inspirational Guide] How to become a Better Player
By Ghosterhax

This video covers the steps you need to take, and the resources to do so are listed below. Becoming a competitive player ultimately comes down to your determination and drive more than anything, but determination isn't enough. The resouces below will help with the rest.

Episode 2 explains common mistakes even top competitive players make and goes over some tactical ideas.

Hardware fixes:

CPL mousefix: http://www.sk-gaming.com/file/3504-CPL_Mouse_Fix

Game booster: http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html

Remember to update your graphics card and monitor drivers. Make sure you right click desktop> change resolution>advanced settings and make the hertz as high as possible. Lowering resolution may help.

AVA text guides: sadly no long availableas the forum threads has been deleted.

AVA video guides:

OneDink para guide:

Dualsight NRF guide:

Dualsight EU guide:

Blackscent EU guide: Video has been privated :(

AVA competitive matches: for watching pro players

Iesf prelims defkon vs DTH:

Pro invitational defkon vs Loaded:

Iesf semi-finals hausen vs. alien:

Defkon vs Caprice AIC qualifer 2013:

Crackheads vs Caprice AIC qualifer finals:


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