>=SF=< Silver Falcons

I have been playing AVA for over a year now and am the head of my own clan, the Silver Falcons. We have been picking up a little steam lately and getting some good members as well as a couple of long time members. We are not too serious with the competitions, but we do take part in the UAVA from time to time, especially when I have access to good internet.

Anyways, the SF are a tight nit group of friends and skilled gamers. We treat eachother like family, and I value loyalty and respect for one another very highly. People who are too toxic get kicked from the clan with little mercy.
zero tolerance for cheaters and hackers.

We also have an official Steam group for the clan located here. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SilverFalcons

Though most of the members in that group don't actually play AVA, as we are in several games. Those are the main Falcons on Steam. The AVA branch of the Silver Falcons have several members not yet in the group, though many of them I did meet in AVA and they earned their way into the Steam clan. And you can to.

I am recruiting for the Falcons and am eager to meet new friends.

And I do hope to start doing more of the Championship once we have a large enough team of active members.

Comment below if you are interested.


  • Come Join SilverFalcon People.
  • *cue Borg "Resistance is Futile joke here for recruitment*

    But seriously, come join us!
  • That's three of us here so far
  • I`d also like to join (:
  • NAAPR6CTY6 wrote: »
    I`d also like to join (:

    Awesome. Once the full game is back up and we get our clans back, be sure and hit me up with a private message here so we can get in contact in game.
  • huehuehuehue
  • ive added you on steam so we can talk there
  • I would like to join :)
  • I Would like to Join too. I already have the nick like the clan =)
  • would it be bad if the kat came O:
  • I would like to join :)

    Sure thing. what is your in game?
    Silvertron wrote: »
    I Would like to Join too. I already have the nick like the clan =)
    lol sounds good. Contact me in game. im QuantomX

    Bagelv wrote: »
    would it be bad if the kat came O:

    0.o you serious? Heck yeah!
  • Sorry I'm going to not play because I'm really sick of
    hopefully make enmasse this game hack or cheat free
    Unfortunately, I also do not want to joine clan because there is always
    cheaters or hackers :( to me and then I do all the time death
    I used a translator i hope you understand me
  • I'm pretty interested in joining the Silver Falcons. In which way can I get into contact?
  • Our clan doesn't hack or cheat, but if you don't want to join, ingnameisboaty that's fine. Best of luck to you.
  • I did not say that you hack
    but other people do play false
    therefore i would not feel like much to play
    and it would be a shame if I did not play much
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