Scar-L Design Contest Winners

After much deliberation, we’ve determined a winner and three runner-ups. This was a tough decision; we’d like to thank everyone who participated. Check out the winning design, as well as the three runner-ups here.

Congratulations to AnapShock on taking first place with your design!

Players will receive their EMP prizes by Friday, December 2. The winning design has been sent along to Red Duck where it will be implemented into the game for release in early 2017. (We’ll announce a more specific date as soon as it’s available).

Again, thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for more contests in the future!


  • Congrats to the winners. Disapointed that I didn't even make it into the runner ups, but happy for those who did. Great work guys.
  • Ow wow, I actually didn't anticipated this. There was some though competition this time.
    So good job to all of those who participated!
  • Congrats @AnapShock. This is what, the third design created by you which will be implemented in the game? :astonished:
    Also well done to the other 2 runner ups. @Rellikboon & @Zimuus ^.^
  • @TurboYoda Yes indeed, my 3rd skin after the Fr F2 Legend and AK 12 CXT :)
  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    Prizes have been granted to the winner and runner-ups! I'll get you guys an ETA on when AnapShock's design will be implemented when I have more details.
  • It's actually a scar h in game, just look at it, the scar L is about half the size, also it needs attachments, I'll just take the Holographic for it. then I'm good.
  • The2009RKOThe2009RKO Member, Operative
    How didn't you anticipated this @AnapShock? You win everytime xD Your designs are always amazing! Keep it up.
  • @The2009RKO Well at Aeria contest there were usually only 2 or 3 good designs, but this time there were quite allot of decent ones. And with the latest contest (Kar Tribute) it was pretty much a hit-or-miss; you either liked the design or hated it. As this one resembles the tribute a little bit, I wasn't quite sure :open_mouth:
  • :/ made like 25 skins, sucks not even an honorable mention
  • Did anybody even like my Blood Moon or Quantum Flux designs?
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