Clan Bugs

Ok so i have made multiple clans to test these.

First Bug: If you create a clan the only person who can disband the clan is the person who created it. This means if a player makes a clan and makes somebody else the leader and then leaves that person in the clan, that new leader won't be able to leave the clan or disband it. The only way to get out of the clan is to make an alt to hold leader of the clan or have the original owner of the clan re-join, become the leader and then disband the clan.

Second Bug: If you create a clan and disband the clan at any moment, Re-creating the clan with the same name with bug the record. i have experienced this many times.

LMK what other bugs you guys find.


  • @REDopical The clan page is in Beta. This is the Forum section made for "Clan Page Beta Feedback". I put this here so everybody else can know about it and not have problems with it.
  • i got the exact same problam as you zSyntax. help is much appreciated
  • @Janeva try to go on the clan page and search the clan you applied for. Once you find the clan you can cancel the request to join it. once you cancel the request to join you should be able to join clans in game once again. let me know if that works.
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