New Level-up rewards.

So i noticed a couple patches ago that the level up rewards changed. The reward for leveling up for Lt. Colonel 3rd class was a permanent 1st and 2nd slot FR-F2 but now it's Galil Sniper Titanium (15 days).

So i want to figure out the level up rewards above my current rank and i want other people to know the rewards for people lower ranked than me to see what they can win or wait until the level up rewards are changed again.

I want to make a post with all the current level up rewards but I'd need people of different ranks to post what they're told their reward for a rank up is. I'll continue to edit this and maybe it can be pinned somewhere. Maybe I'll just edit the rewards if they're updated again.


Rank And Reward

28swt48.gif Reward - D.Defense 10ga (15 days), AK47 Nobility (15 days) and Vss Katana (15 days)
2s14qok.gif Reward - Arms upgrade (15 days), Increase Magazine (15 days) and Smart Aim (15 days)
izm33r.gif Reward - Double Booster (7 days)
2zirgc4.gif Reward - MP7A1 Bahamut (7 days), Kar98k Raijin (7 days) and XCR Kraken (7 days)
yoxu8.gif Reward - SA14 Armor (7 days), SH14 Helmet (7 days) and SP14 Protect (7 days)
xqaoas.gif Reward - SB14 Boots (7 days), SD14 Uniform (7 days) and SG14 Glove (7 days)
mt5po0.gif Reward - N/A
10ddr41.gif Reward - Ginny (15 Days), AK47 Lion (15 days), Arms Upgrade (15 days)
2hi5fye.gif Reward - Priest (15 Days), FR-F2 Legend (15 days), Smart Aim (15 days)
qnrcy0.gif Reward - Double Booster (7 days), 5 Red Tickets
15rdvlk.gif Reward - N/A
10ega40.gif Reward - N/A
73nnrm.gif Reward - N/A
2w66heb.gif Reward - N/A
33z91xy.gif Reward - N/A
2quqfc7.gif Reward - N/A
5ezwo4.gif Reward - Frogman Mask (Permanent)
wqv7tw.gif Reward - N/A
vo5pb9.gif Reward - N/A
30agmjr.gif Reward - N/A
30t5bgm.gif Reward - N/A
24w57xj.gif Reward - Lei (30 days) M1897_Painkiller(30 days)
8xr2oz.gif Reward - SA14 Armor (30 days)
bdpixd.gif Reward - Marek R. Reznak (30 days) and AN94 Mythology (30 days)
11qu7n7.gif Reward - SB-14 Special Boots (30 days)
34ee2wp.gif Reward - Vasily Zaytsev (30 days) and Mosin Nagant (30 days)
14vmrv8.gif Reward - N/A
nyab13.gif Reward - N/A
29o1gsz.gif Reward - Double Booster (30 days)
21o93kx.gif Reward - 50 Red Tickets
20fyyyb.gif Reward - Arms Upgrade (30 days)
sl0g82.gif Reward - N/A
2ls6slu.gif Reward - N/A
fohpnl.gif Reward - Anastasia (30 days) Anastasia Halloween (30 days) M4A1 Bronx (30 days)
14vqmoh.gif Reward - AMD65 EVA (15 days)
4rettz.gif Reward - Shenah (30 days), Shenah Xmas (30 days) and PGM.338 Albino (30dDays)
fxs8z4.gif Reward - SP14 Protect (30 days)
14bt4xc.gif Reward - N/A
1slahc.gif Reward - AMD65 EVA (15 days)
2e6ev5g.gif Reward - 50 Red Tickets
15cd0zm.gif Reward - N/A
166n1qe.gif Reward - Galil Sniper Titanium (15 days)
nnmlg5.gif Reward - SA14 Armor( 30 days)
mb3gc4.gif Reward - N/A
2mrwn51.gif Reward - MP7A1 (Permanent)
2ajc8e9.gif Reward - N/A
23s64x0.jpg Reward - N/A
jt57ut.gif Reward - N/A
256y7o0.gif Reward - Double Booster (30 days)
x3wvv7.png Reward - No Reward Implemented.
14c8701.png Reward - No Reward Implemented.
2zqdeth.png Reward - No Reward Implemented.


  • What rank are you talking about exactly?
  • I just ranked to major 2nd class, I was supposed to get Shenah, shenah xmas skin and pgm albino for 30 days, I only got shenah, didn't get shenah xmas (30 days) and albino (30 days), not so much worried about the rewards but it'll be nice if the rewards system was fixed.

    as always Thanks. :D
  • So the rewards for that rank are listed as 2 or 3 rewards?
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    I will discuss this with the EME guys and see if we can figure out how it is now. Thanks for the call!
  • MythSky wrote: »
    I will discuss this with the EME guys and see if we can figure out how it is now. Thanks for the call!

    Thanks but you don't really have to do that it's cool. They have enough on their plate. I was just looking to see if the people who go on the forum would help me. Nothing fancy. And i'm curious about the rewards for the ranks past mine.
  • @MythSky It would be cool if you could pin this in like the player guides section or something.
  • AK1TWo wrote: »
    GeneraISex wrote: »
    What rank are you talking about exactly?

    the bottom one

    You get these 3 things by ranking to Brigadier general 3?
  • wooot? where are the rewards past that last one you listed?
  • LyriKs wrote: »
    wooot? where are the rewards past that last one you listed?

    Those rank pics are hide to find. I don't see anyone with info for those rank's rewards anyway.
  • The reward for hitting Colonel 4th class is 30k Euro.
  • qldxl266tllg.png
    it is true?..
  • cuezissimocuezissimo Member
    edited December 2016
    Third pink gives u a blue zonda bat perm
  • cuezissimo wrote: »
    Third pink gives u a blue zonda bat perm
    Third pink? Major or Colonel?
  • What's Colonel 5th?
  • RyuSenshi wrote: »
    it is true?..

    Not confirmed and he wasn't being clear.
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