New Year's ResoLOOTions Event!

Our next giveaway will be held on Tuesday, January 17! I'll be doing double the normal drawings on that day since Monday, January 16 is a holiday for Enmasse.


New Year's resolutions are all well and good, but you know what's better? New Year's ResoLOOTions! This January, resolve to build out your AVA armory through our latest event. You can get the full details here, but here are the basics:
  1. Each weekday, starting today (Monday, January 9,) I'll post here to let players know where that day's giveaways will be held. Depending on the day, giveaways will be held either on the forums or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
  2. Once a day's location is announced, you can respond at the specified location with your in-game name and two choices from the Table of Loot. If you choose an already-selected box, a random box will be selected for you.
  3. The next day, before the next location is announced, I will randomly select eleven players from the previous day's entries and strike out their choices from the Table of Loot.
  4. We’ll reveal and award the prizes each weekday morning, with a few exceptions that are listed here.

A variety of things can be found in each of the boxes listed on the Table of Loot, such as Euros, armor, boosts, weapons (of various times), or a few secret surprises. Whatever you find, we hope it will give you a jump start in a new year of AVA!

Each day, players will be asked to post with your in-game name and your two choices from the Table of Loot. Unfortunately, entries without a valid in-game name will be disqualified.


How often can I participate? Can I participate on multiple accounts?
You can participate once per day, per account.

I won something. How and when do I get it?
I grant prizes directly to player accounts within an hour after my prize posts. If you won items, they'll show up in your in-game inbox. If you won euros, they'll go straight to your euro balance.

Do I need to re-choose numbers each day?
Yes! To have a chance at the next day's prizes, you need to enter the previous day.

When are prizes picked, rewarded, and new entries kicked off each day?
It will vary slightly, but prizes are usually picked and awarded between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. PST. It will vary on some days, however, so stay sharp!


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