Unreleased weapons from other versions

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This is a small initiative from myself and @SirReeceo to get missing weapons into the game. To make sure we can get a good list compiled, I have set up a few guidelines so it is clear what we can request with the EME team.

- Give the name of the item (If you cannot translate it, no problem)
- A picture or video is a must
- If possible, also note down the release date / release year
- Do NOT suggest version exclusive items. We cannot get those

The list :
- PSG-1
- MP7A1/Diemaco C7A2/M40A5 Gothic
- SR-3M/G36/L96A1 Brave
- Bizon Atlach Nacha
- MP5K/Famas/AWM/Python Guns of Steel
- MP18/HK416/Blaser R93 Vicious Harimau
- Ginny Halloween
- Genkumoganata
- D. Defense/M4A1/Blaser R93 Huanglong
- Mk.20 SSR/Rooster/M67 Roen
- Thor Hammer
- Microphone (might be version exclusive)
- Ruger RSH Storm Rider
- Dual Berretina
- Euro Bomb
- M1 Garand Nobility
- AKS74U Dracul
- CZ Evo Scorpions
- Winchester Arena (future Arena reward)
- Barret Sapphire
- Uzi/FG42/QBU-88 Safety First
- AK47 Clockwork

- K2 Tiament
- AWM Brass
- AMD65/TPG-1/M40A5/Walther P38 Neon/S&W M29 Neon
- Benelli Noël
- Ruger Champ Redhawk
- Benelli Hellfire
- VVIP Wukong
- OA-03 Servel
- Saiga Game Over
- VSS Trojan Horse
- Camdy Gold
- M4A1 Femion
- VVIP Raging Angelo
- KAC SR-47
- AK47 Zotac (believe it's version or promotion exclusive)
- AK47 Khokhloma
- cG36
- Respirator Mask
- Saiga12 LU-1337
- Kriss Acala V
- Remington Nixie
- SR-2M/Diemaco C7A2/M1903A1 Springfield Duanwu
- M16 VN Carbon
- XCR Kraken CFRE
- AMD65 Lollipop
- Striker12/AK47/FN PSR Ballista Primavera
- X95R/G36/FR-F2 Legend Koi
- Desert Eagle Steppe
- H&K HK416C
- MP7A1/Mk.20 Proto SSR/PGM Bald Eagle

- VSS Fermion
- M40A5 Fleur de Lys
- M24 Bianca


  • TricycIeTricycIe Member, Operative
    Use my Gun Equivalents thread, I recently added a bunch of items that we dont have in there, labelled with green text. As well with my Skin Database there's a bunch too. I mostly got those items from TAVA, however. And translations could be a bit rough
  • RmCODERmCODE Member
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    These are any additions that might fulfill the above criteria:

    -P90 Wolf

    -FA-MAS G2 (as opposed to the F1,MK.3 which we have)

    -PURPLE Smoke Grenade (and other colours)


    -TPG Neon

    -AMD Neon

    -P38 Neon

    -CU686 Blue Goggles
    -Anti-charge Armour
    -Lrg-Caliber Armour
    -AH07/EH08 Armour


    -Master/Boonie Hat

    -Cursed Watermelon Helmet
    (Under Pumpkin Helmet:) http://ava.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment [Cursed Version not found)

    -Baseball Hat (Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow)
    http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/06/1391726200-boosts-2.jpg ETC.

    -Different patterns on parachutes.

    -Benelli Noel

    -Ruger Champ Redhawk

    -Lei/Marek/Priest, the Champion
    http://ava.wikia.com/wiki/Marek,_the_Champion ETC.

    -Benelli Hellfire

    -VVIP Wukong
    -OA-03 Servel (TBC as implemented weapon)
    -Saiga Gameover
    -VSS Troizan


    -M4A1 Femion

    -VVIP Raging Angelo 28

    -M40A5 Neon

    EDIT: Added M40A5 Neon


    PS. I'll get the images in time.
  • Awesome idea!! Thanks.
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    Added a bunch of the items you listed @RmCODE
    The items I did not list are either in our version already in our version, although mostly unobtainable.
  • TricycIeTricycIe Member, Operative
    K.A.C. SR-47
  • GonzoooGonzooo Member
    M40 neon :O
  • ShiroKoNShiroKoN Member, Operative
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    Old and new FN-FNC


    Bizon Atlach-Nacha

    Ak-47 ZOTAC

    Ak-47 Khokhloma


    Respirator Mask

    RED Smoke

    AKS-74U Dracul

    Saiga12 LU-1337

    AWM Guns of Steel

  • RmCODERmCODE Member
    ShiroKoN wrote: »

    What's the Collection thing all about? Sounds cool!

  • RmCODE wrote: »
    These are any additions that might fulfill the above criteria:

    -FA-MAS G2

    -PURPLE Smoke Grenade


    -CU686 Blue Goggles
    -Anti-charge Armour
    -Lrg-Caliber Armour
    -AH07/EH08 Armour

    -Master/Boonie Hat

    -Baseball Hat (Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow)

    -Different patterns on parachutes.

    -M40A5 Neon

    We have all of these already.
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    Updated the list!
  • RmCODERmCODE Member
    NinjaKore wrote: »
    RmCODE wrote: »
    These are any additions that might fulfill the above criteria:

    We have all of these already.

    RmCODE wrote: »

    -M40A5 Neon. We don't have the m4 Neon...

  • I would like to see any of the variants of the silenced m4
  • BagelvBagelv Member
    silenced m4 op
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    Noobituss wrote: »
    I would like to see any of the variants of the silenced m4

    As far as I know there exists only 1, and that is C-AVA exlusive.
  • LyriKsLyriKs Member
    If you all could add pictures of the items + its stats, that would be awesome, 'cuz you know, names only dont convey much sense here.
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