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  • Oh that SMLE is beautiful <3 I want it for RT
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    Wait so what is it then?
  • @RmCODE
    I forgot to tell you one more thing.
    Fortune Star SR-2M Veresk also includes description of the spec buff

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    I forgot to tell you one more thing.
    Fortune Star SR-2M Veresk also includes description of the spec buff

    I'll add the stats in once i get full stats for the M14 EBR and Veresk.

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    Wait so what is it then?

    Premium. most likely.
  • I'm excited for a potential veresk buff (if only they brought it for RT) .

    but i don't know what we can expect for a buffed m14 battleship. The biggest issue is mobility in my opinion and maybe like +0.3 ROF buff would be nice too... I think dmg and range is already at its limits for F2 class.

    SMLE1 mk3 ... Hmmm, imo, it looks better than m1903 scope but not better than mosin... Please redduck , give us a buffed mosin .
    However it has -2dmg compared to m1903 . I wonder how much of a difference that will make.. And from the pictures , it reloads full magazine at once ... That's niicee!!!

    *Thanks for the update @RmCODE ... your efforts are appreciated! :+1:

    ** About that new game mode -> May i make a prediction that 24/7 it'll have blatant cheater in it? Especially if rewards allow you to get good weapons... On the plus side , that would be a couple of cheaters off of Arena and demo... ehh...
  • I predict that demo will die because of the 1v1 mode... Only Arena or 1v1 will be played as well as some custom game rooms.

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    > @RmCODE said:
    > I predict that demo will die because of the 1v1 mode... Only Arena or 1v1 will be played as well as some custom game rooms.
    > ><
    > :]

    Naa, after the hype of 1v1 launches it'll die down dramatically. I'm more curious about cheaters in this game mode. Obviously 1v1 will be different and with the possibility of removing kicking from this game mode (mean is possible since best player in FFA gets kicked most times)
  • Just a quick note about the removal of the Euro Box and the OA-03 Diamond Plate RT Capsule Machine. In my opinion, the main reason for having the Euro Box removed is that RT can be easily acquired and control needs to be maintained with the amount of people buying the OA-03 Capsule. This effectively stops spam wins. Another reason is to push people to buy the Daily Cap, since you only effectively have 2-4 chances depending on the amount of euros you have (That was the case for me before since i spent any euros i got straight on the Euro Box). This will bring about that old timey feeling of buying the Blue Ticket Capsules. This might also be the reason why they only decided to put 1 RT Capsule Machine instead of the 10-15 that KAVA have. If this works out, expect many more machines to be added into the February Main update.

    The removal of the euro box also means there are less things to spend money on. Redduck are effectively forcing to use your funds for SH-17, since it is quite expensive!. Whether this will work out and force the SH-17 Meta into play is questionable.

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    Also my predictions for the 1v1 mode were wrong. The mode is actually quite underwhelming, espescially the Black Scent based map. The main reason this might be is due to the game mechanics themselves. 1V1 Mode is really only built of F1/2. The mode should also have weapon constrictions since people [removed forum violation] run around 2 shotting you whilst you're trying to do something meaningful with a sniper. CS:GO's is so much better due to the movement system as well as recoil system they have there; the game effecitvely forces you to concentrate on small opportunities that you have since you can't be spraying and moving at the same time.

  • @RmCODE cmon bruh... Why you tease for update and then have us waiting ...
    -_- .. You said it's gonna be big!

    I hate it how some people have lives to live... :trollface:
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    First and foremost i would like to apologise for my 3 month hiatus. A lot of personal issues have swayed me from my focus. I have however, regained focus. The schedule will be as follows:
    29/03/2018- Mini news post on the core developments of the game
    Pre- 3/03/2018- Two months summary of updates and the latest from Redduck (Normal Post)
    Pre- 9/03/2018- Update Forum Events Winnners Guide, tidy up any posts on this thread and perhaps add another content post.
    - Publish CO-OP Guide. First Posting will contain guide for Battle Gearz and the NEW Reward Scheme


    ALL readers should read the following post i made before continuing on.. to guage an idea of the whole story. It discusses a possible change in developers for AVA.
    "I think that Redduck is a dead end and a lot of Korean players are keeping their eye on the Remaining Contract Period for Redduck. Also most power remains in Redduck's hand and not in the GM's, which are like EME. They have very little say in the final decisions although i see Neowiz as far more superior, as seen by the success in Black Squad, who publish the game.

    There is a big problem in communication so measuring progress made by Redduck and AVA in general is very hard in the short term. The effects are seen in the long term. If the structure was changed and have Neowiz more involved with development, i think we will see big improvements.

    Since the GMs can't fix the game directly the community has to wait longer and begins to get impatient.

    When the RCP was renewed in Redduck's favour the playerbase were against it. A poll by a popular (8K+ Twitter Followers) AVA Player asked what they thought of it:

    What do you think of this RCT?
    08% Positive (thrilling game + etc.)
    92% Negative (management problem, + etc)
    705 votes•Final results

    The RCP is soon to expire again and there will be a decision on who will develop the game (i think between Redduck and Neowiz) and a big announcement is set to come next Summer (2019).

    The two major points in a re-deal include:
    - The collapse of the Pyramid like structure of Weapon Balance
    - The renewal of international competitions and difference in timelines of updates. In other words, matching all AVA clients to the main KAVA client.

    I am hoping that a re-deal will be a success. "

    Shortly after this, new information was released following major developments in Redduck, namely:

    1. Metro Conflict: The Origin, which was a game that was initially released in Late 2015, closed shortly after having made terrible financial losses (See 06/07/2017 Post ) but Re-Released in November 8th of 2017, was finally shut down for good. ALL STAFF working for the game have transferred to the development of AVA.

    2. The Director of AVA, residing during all of UAVAs Ijji period until just after Aeria's acquisition of the game, who had quit in 2012, has returned to the position which has sparked excitement in the KAVA Community. I am confident that the rapport developed between Ijji and Redduck under his leadership, was what allowed the game to flourish in the early days.

    These 3 major developments (including the re-deal) means that:

    -The direction of development will gradually change to match that of the Ijji Era
    -Many proposals including new armour systems to counter the special effects which some weapons have, Firearms, CCS, the banning of certain weapons in matches, Upgraded Black Market, Customisations of weapons are all being re-considered.
    -The balancing of weapons is the hardest challenge given how more and more powerful firearms have been released with many people spending a lot of money. To go back to the old system could mean that these weapons are nerfed. However given the quantities of weapons that this applies to, many who have spent a siginificant amount of money may disagree with the decision.
    -Many new weapons, most of which will be EURO weapons, will be released in bundles. The aim is to reduce the P2W content and have a dominant EURO atmosphere once again.
    -It is suspected that material from Metro-Conflict may be ported into AVA. These include new weapons. The point is reinforced by the fact that both games use the same Game Engine: UE3. Some examples of weapons are shown below.


    Source(s): SY A
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    Well, that's all nice and all... But when is actually any change gonna happen..? I doubt it will be in 6months or in a year for our version.

    I m annoyed how there wasn't an AVA 2 developed already...
    counterstrike did it , again and again...
    AVA 2 would be a clean slate in modern game engine with all this gun/armor balance fixed , that's so atrocious...
    Give existing AVA players an upgrade path with their favorite para and raging angelo and they'll absolute come there in droves! ... Every side of this game is unpolished! Coop , LMS/HideAndSeek even escort/breach and demo... All unpolished...

    I d rather Redduck made a new game , than still work on this broken code base that's barely running on windows 10 ...

    * Ditch that xigncode son of a [filtered] while at it too...
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    Main Content:
    -The following content ranges from the 21st of January to 27th of March.
    -Malaysia/Singapore AVA (hosted by Garena) material is no longer posted here. The service will close down on the 3rd of July. (Taiwan AVA will continue although it is also hosted by Garena). The M/S portion of the title will be removed.
    -Above image may not be used anywhere by anyone without prior permission from me. Also first time using photoshop so pls helpful tips will be nice!

    As noted in the prior post on this page, Weapon balancing is of high, if not the highest consideration right now for Redduck. This has been evident in a few ways including:
    -A ban of many so called standard weapons from KAVA tournaments, forwarded by the players themselves. Standard weapons are those that are skins that are used for future skin designs, but do not represent a major change in gun performance/statistics. If you were to categorise all weapons in terms of Euro+Blue Ticket/ Euro Rental/Red Ticket/PREMIUM, with the exception of about 7 items which are shown in GREEN, only about 10-15% of weapons are picked from each category, apart from the Red Ticket category which sees the highest of about 40% acceptance rate. SA58 PARA/FG42/MP7 Bahamut/G36 Caiman/AK12/L96A1 DLC is expected to be highly utilised.
    kxhouh8daq1l.png [WILDCARD: Only 1 wildcard weapon may be chosen by each participating team. Can be changed each game.]

    -A recent poll by SY A's followers revealed that out of 411 users, 69% of them would be fine with a ban on weapons such as the MP7A1, AK Lion, K.A.C., MP5K Vespa, HK Ultra etc. I am confident in saying that many of the 69% are themselves paying users, since AVA is very big there.

    -Discussions are actively being held by KAVA GMs but it is not sure whether guns like the K.A.C. will be banned or nerfed. There is expected to be a big backlash by users that have dedicated money to buying these weapons although a backlash either way is expected. This balancing system is taken into consideration hundreds of weapons so a backlash is unavoidable. I believe that weapons should be nerfed and certain armour systems removed. The premium guns should still feel good and banning them will not allow this to happen. However i believe some exceptions should be made for weapons such as the HK416 Ultra, since these lines of weapons(AK Volt and M24 Bianca may not have these effects- AK Volt does not) have been fitted with 'Special Effects' (See Miscellaneous Section Below- Point 3) which further make fights against these guns frustrating.

    TOP 5 weapons from the F2/F3 Category in KAVA:

    1. XM8 Sci-Fi [HOT]
    2. KAC SR-47
    3. M4A1 DreamCatcher
    4. M16A4 Fortune8
    5. AK47 Volt & Diemaco C7A2
    1. FR F2 Legend(+FR F2 Fantasma)
    2. TPG-1 Eisen Waid [HOT]
    3. PGM338 Rental
    4. R93 Dr.Steam
    5. M40A5 Last Team

    -The Black Market system is expected to come back in early 2019 for KAVA. It will feature a few changes including the ability to now purchase weapons with Red Ticket.

    -JAVA and KAVA map pools for Arena and Demolition have been changed to force people to play newer maps, namely Aircraft, which has been relatively poorly received in UAVA. The maps which will stay in BOTH arena and demo are:
    1.Hammer blow
    2.Black cent
    7.Aircraft Carrier
    8.Dual site
    Maps which have been REMOVED from Arena:
    1.Fox Hunting
    2.Stone Temple
    3.Under Fast
    7.Show Down
    Maps which have been ADDED to Demolition:
    2.Show Down

    -New character added by the name of Rock Sugar JD. He is a new Sniper character. He reminds me of the old character you used to be able to pick in the AVA Welcome screen who went by the name of Marksman. Features +2% Lucky Shot, Exp Up +%30, Euro Up +15% and SR Switch Speed Increase.

    Marksman: j89c35q3vli4.jpg

    KAVA's ONLINE Red Ticket Box at the 14th of Febuary contains the following items. The Aube items shown are discussed in the Weapons category below. The Three Star tiered weapons for the 16th of March RT Box are shown as well.

    -Last Man Standing has been completely revamped, with parts of the Last Team Standing map being merged with the original LMS map. Many more windows and doors have been added to increase your chances of survival. The mode does not contain chests anymore(Please read below on rewards) The following changes have also been made:
    1. Addition of an in-game Arms Upgrade, which increases the Max Ammo counter from 60 to 80 bullets
    2. Newly modelled AK47. It should have the same stats as the AK47 Rental.
    4. It takes 8 players to start a game.
    5. All Achievements have been removed.
    6. The Map Zone has been changed from a solid grass green to a transparent grass green.
    7. Timer and Damage of C4 item has increased. Values are not known.
    8. Picking and dropping items have changed. It is not known how it has changed, but it was very difficult to organise your inventory before.
    9. KAVA LMS gives a Blossom Box which contains the below items for the FIRST PLACE player. It is an inventory item. I expect that we will receive something similar, if not the Gold Box that most CO-OP modes already use:
    10. List of usable weapons have been changed:
    -M1 Garand
    -M1897 Trenchgun
    -Remington 870
    -AK47 Antique

    -Dual Uzi
    -M16 VN
    -Barret M82A2 (NEW)
    -Ruger Super Redhawk
    -Winchester M1887

    The following are a continuation of the above but are tied to video footage captured in KAVA. Timestamps have been included so all you have to do is copy and paste the link next to the bullet point, and it will show that in action! Main Video:
    - When picking up an item, the rectangle which contains it is outlined with a golden shine for a second
    - The Van sound has been updated. It sounds more quieter and nicer.
    - Houses in 'Estate' have been changed. Doors are added as well as windows.
    - When Airstrikes land, the roofs of the houses are engulfed in flames.
    - There is now an entrance to the Red Building to the right of the Archway leading to the Estate from Car Park.
    - Some of the buildings such as the one in Estate are linked together. Although there are additional doors, some are barricaded.
    - New entrances added near the Cafe area, on both sides of the road.
    -New entrance added where the Mid-Map chest was originally placed, on both sides.

    -All map changes are displayed below in one image. The red boxes indicate changes:
    -QM UI:
    xkp0j7yzvr0m.png [Grand Prix has been removed.]

    The most recent Arena Season; KAVA Rewards:
    Gold items:
    Observer Bat
    Harpoon Rapista
    Trench Shovel Trophy

    New weapons:
    -A Box containing new skins for old weapons such as the M4A1 Mk.4 has been made in KAVA. It's contents are currently unknown.

    -I don't usually post single weapons for normal weapons but the MP7 Valkyrie, although having a small buff(+1 DMG and +1.72 Auto Fire, although it also states that it has -5.7 Accuracy) on the MP7A1 Rental, has a very unique design:

    -Branching off from weapon balances, the Original DSR-1 is being remade. Here are a few images of it.

    -The [RT] Aube series features buffs across the board of weapons that are in them:
    -X95R Aube: Features +1 DMG, +0.8 Accuracy and +0.6 Recoil Control
    -SKS Aube: Features +2 DMG and +0.6 Auto Fire
    -FN Ballista Aube: Features +0.9 DMG and +0.6 Range

    -FR-F2 Fantasma. It is a huge upgrade on the FR-F2 Legend and very rarely tags, even against SH-17. It features a +3 DMG(!), +0.3 Range, +0.03 Auto Fire, +3 Ammo and +0.8 Mobility. Images, Full Stats as well as in-game tests at different ranges are shown:
    20 and 100 Metre Test: FR-F2 LEGEND:
    20 and 100 Metre Test: FR-F2 Fantasma:

    -The test has been conducted with a full SH-16 and SH-16 LC Joint Protector.
    -Only the toes have been shot.
    -No Characters or buffs have been used.
    -It can be seen that the chances of the Fantasma hitting the red region compared to the Legend has improved by about 30%

    -A completely revamped Medal system has been introduced. It is not clear if some badges/medals have been removed, such as the National Crisis Conquer Badge [CLAN ONLY]. The main objective will be displayed along with the available Tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    Install C4 [DEMOLITION]: 5sajgllkk07d.png
    Defuse C4:k1qbtrenf2xu.png
    Escape [ESCAPE]: pu3d8w1bowm1.png
    Prevent an enemy escape by timeout:v43j29osvfyw.png
    Repair the Tank twice in one game [BREACH/ESCORT]:uwsccts2e31q.png
    Destroy the tank twice in one game: 6t4lnv2jkstr.png
    Kill 20 enemies[ANNIHILATION]:z5e6hre0no36.png
    Pick up 5 Dog-Tags: f0ljgk07bqev.png
    Achieve First Place:d5by34hfcc6n.png

    -The timer for QM Escape has decreased from 1 minute to 30 seconds, given the low numbers playing the mode.
    -Transforming an SA58 Para that has an ACOG scope to look like one that does not have it equipped will result in a final transformation without the scope. You will then have to re-purchase the ACOG.
    -These are the changes that have occurred to the Daily Euro Capsule. KAVA have had 5 changes whereas we have only had 1. (FR-F2 Legend> AN94 Mythology)
    ARX Jack o Lantern> VSS CANNON
    VSS CANNON> Cyberpunk
    Cyberpunk> SR-3M Brave
    SR-3M Brave> G36 Mastery
    G36 Mastery> Mk.18 Stellar Sea
    -HK416 Ultra's description is wrong. The gun features special effects (The AK Volt was supposed to receive similar effects but they were reverted). which force the enemies bloom to increase for a short duration of time:
    -For 0.3 seconds the bloom is increased by:
    - 2.2 times for Pointman Class
    - 2.5 times for Rifleman and Sniper Class.
    -The Grand Prix HUD ,when pressing tab, has been improved to show clearly the current matches that are being played. Before and After photos are shown:
    -Grand Prix Kill streaks are now voiced. The English translations will most likely be different but the below voice lines show a general layout of what is to be expected:
    5-7 Winning Streak:
    1. Exceptional Gamesense!
    2. He's showing clever tactics!
    3. He can not be beaten!
    8-20 Winning Streak:
    4. He's in control of the Grand Prix!
    5. He is godly!
    6. He is a legend!
    -Daily Quest Reward has been changed to MK3A2 Do Not Drink.
    -Introduction of new AVA Coin boxes:
    The FULL Korean text on the right is:
    1. Food Tray
    2. Eisbeil Championship
    The Mixed Korean text on the left represent Smoke Bombs, with the third meaning Silver Nunchucks.
    -A cooldown feature for Battle Zone Defense has been introduced to prevent Skill Spam. This is displayed by text just under the skill boxes.
    -AVA Coins system reset upon arrival of a new mode or event. It has been reset for LMS (your coins remain as they are).
    -Grand Prix channels can be made in Custom Match.
    -Fixed a problem where clicking on Daily Mission section causes overlapping of the Main UI.

    Source: SY A, ava.garena.tw, ava.pmang.com, starpo2009
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