AVA Lag Fix - FPS, CPU, Internet connection


I was running the Enmass diagnostic tool on 2 accounts and 2 different computers and everything seems ok (a) except my internet connection (b)!

Your system meets the recommended system requirements.

b.)We were unable to connect to our servers in a timely manner from this computer. Please check your internet connection is active and functioning.

I use Latency Optimizer (downloaded it here ) and the performance recorder report shows other and I´m also able to play AVA and other online games so my internet connection is good well sometimes I get short lag spikes in other games tho!!!
Latency Optimizer shows my CPU spiking up to 90% when recording my game play in some rooms but your diagnostic tool shows CPU OK!

Im not telling that the diagnostic tool isnt good I just want to have a 2nd opinion to fix the lag in AVA and increase my FPS. So Im assuming its the CPU of my Computer that makes the issue and not my internet connection.

I found this article here but it does not really say how to fix the CPU spikes.

Why my CPU spikes in some AVA rooms and in some not and how to fix that?

Thx for answers!


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