Help me free my Space ^^

Hi guys,
since I started playing AVA again some weeks ago (stopped for several months), I've been hackusated (for the most part, without any reasons) countless times.
Those accusations brought an Anxious feeling where I would be banned temp or perm because I'm stronger than some guys. To prevent that, I started recording (witht he IG recorder) EVERY game I do (I don't edit / make videos, so It's otherwise useless)

And there is my main problem RN. That's a good thing IMO to record the games, just "in case of" but for 1 week of records, I takes ~200gB (with approx 2gB per rec, it does go high really fast) and I was wondering, How many time should I keep the records, to be sure they would still be effective "in case of" ?

Right Now i'm in a "7 days buffer memory" but It still takes out ~220gB of my space (and raising every game)


  • RmCODERmCODE Member
    Record full games and edit them to include points where there are highlights (were you do extremely well) with 30 seconds prior to and after said highlights. That's the format that i'd follow.

  • KronimKronim Member
    Don't record at all, those guys will take zero effort to even report you
  • ForunrealForunreal Member
    edited June 2017
    No man, dont worry one bit about recording.. If youre doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.. Ive not once heard a legit case of someone being banned wrongfully.

    IF you are banned by accident, you send in your xigncode logs and have your name cleared.. Dont worry at all.

    Anyone who isnt absolute trash at the game gets accused of hacking, its a feature of the game.
  • Thanks guys,

    @RmCODE Even if i'll like too make highlights and other points, I'm not confident enough in my gameplay to post it and I don't have the patience to take hours learning a Montage software and editing. I tried working with Lightworks a bit but it didn't get as I expected (too complicated for a newb). if you know a software I could easily learn and that do the "basic-advanced" stuff, I would be thankful to know ^^
  • If I had a dollar each time I've been hackusated , I could teach Bill Gates how to make money
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