Stop by tomorrow at 1PM PDT (8PM GMT and 10PM in CEST) for an UPDATE PREVIEW STREAM!

In addition to spilling the beans on upcoming AVA update details, Product Manager for AVA Lawllipops will be in the studio for the first half of the stream. Do you have pressing AVA questions? Respond to this post and Lawlli will answer some of your questions on-stream tomorrow.

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  • Hello, I got some questions ;)

    1)You have any plans for AVA's 10th Anniversary ?Like some events, big promotions...

    2) When ccs starts how you will ban and disqualify clans who farm rp with hacker/use hacker ?

    3) Since last Friday the RP system is working( good job for that btw) but some players was in top 100 farming rp with hacker and when ccs start those players( if they don't get ban) will start with almost 2k rp each,I think that's unfair. You have any solution to reset all rp and everybody start with 1200 rp ?

    4) Last question,about some game modes like battle tank,LTS,LMS, H&S,ava sports,dirty knife and marksman aces, there's anyway to bring some mode back and be able to start with 4 or 6 players. Because some modes like LTM it's almost impossible play with 18. when you bring it on Wednesday In Friday this gamemode is almost dead.

    That's all for now.
  • 1. During CCS, will the OP or any EME Staff Members will participate?
    2. Will there be any bigger ESL events besides spring league cup? such as LAN?
    3. Will the hardware macro patch come in our version like they did in KAVA?
    4. What is the status of the xign code anti cheat? Is it going to be improved?
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    edited June 2017
    1. Good question!
    2. Should be the same as with Aeria, at least requested that
    3. This is just a test season with ranking, ofc it will get reset before an actual launch
    4. I think this is possible already, remember it being brough down

    1. OP participate, doubt EME staff will
    2. LAN info is still unknown. Lawwli, Ink and I are working on getting specifics currently.
    3. We already got parts of it, up to Welbia to push the rest
    4. Also up to Welbia, EME just has to inform them of the active cheats (if they dont do it themselves) and they should patch it.
  • I wish there will be new eurobox included :D
  • RmCODERmCODE Member
    edited June 2017
    Are there any steps taken to get this game to significantly more players? I havn't seen a good influx of new players ever since you took reigns and the number of players playing on any given day have either remained the same or have decreased (Steam statistics).

  • Any codes?
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    edited June 2017
    Are we ever going to get a dedicated team of people working on AVA?
    What happened to the idea of skins being added into the euro shop?
    Would it be possible to improve the communication not just with the Operatives but with the community itself in the future?
    Can we get a discussion section for events only?
    How will CCs last for?

    P.s Pls make Kac st-47 a euro weapon?
  • tRxZyRiXtRxZyRiX Member, Operative
    edited June 2017
    Will hackers be banned faster in future?
    What are your plans for ava for the next years?
    Will there be sale and a emp promotion soon?
  • ShiroKoNShiroKoN Member, Operative
    edited June 2017
    Will the Training Ground(Beginner Channel) reworked?
    With this actual state it's very bad for new players and veteran players. New created Accs/Chars should be forced to play in Training Ground until they reached a specific amount of hours and a level, otherwise no one gonna play there. If this happen that no one gonna play then you can close Training Ground for our AVA version.
    When will new the OPs be announced?

    Are you going to add a Ping Limit(is a must!)?
    Without this option AVA will die sooner than we want. We need some restrictions so can AVA last longer.

    How does your plan looks for improving/optimizing the Servers?
    for example changing the locations of the both servers NA and EU. EU server goes back to NL and NA servers goes back to NJ.
    What about 2 splitted NA servers West Coast and East Coast like ijji had it.

    If i get more questions i will post here.
  • 1) Would it be too hard to put 1 hour a week to specate Arena channel?( It is really infested with obvious cheaters that you meet again and again until you just quit. Literally takes 5 minutes to check an entire team.)
    2) Will there be a Halloween euro box like we had in Aeria?(This was alot of fun, we got access to AK74U Black Snake, T91 and other new weapons that could only be aquired there.)
  • we will have new capsule purchasable with red tickets or euro? or we will have lucky euro box and clown bat forever?

    you think black squad will be a direct competitor of ava? if yes, what's your plans to win the competition?
  • What's gonna happen to the names of the accounts that haven't been transferred? Are you gonna free it up and release them?
  • Would you consider putting the red ticket weapons from the cap shop we're not getting to shop into the web store ?
  • TeamTeam Member
    edited June 2017
    When will clan name changes be released? Can you suggest adding s/d reset scrolls and win/loss reset scrolls to red duck? Also, when will old usernames in game be free'd up?
  • Are there some new Missions (such as the Beginner Missions but for more advanced players) coming some time in the future?☺
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