Please Do Somthing About The NA Servers

I am sick and tired of going on to the map and before I even return fire,I get all shot up. I am sick of losing in arena and not being able to gain any RP because of these quick deaths!!! I have spent countless mounts of time and money just to be F#CKED over by going to the EU servers to simply compete .Like why don't you do something ? Like add a slight EXP boost every other day, or add a end game box reward. Just please do something. If NA players just knew that there was one game going on they all go back...I love this game, I wish I could have never came to this point of aggravation, but something has to be done.


  • Kron98Kron98 Member, Operative
    edited July 2017
    I don't think giving more EXP to a channel would increase and encourage the population of such channel. In the end, EU players will join the channel and will get stomped by the ping. Nonetheless, we will think of a way of revitalizing the channel.
  • ShineSpritesShineSprites Member, Operative
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    Thank you for your suggestion! As an NA player having to play Arena in EU, I feel you.

    This is something I'd like to achieve while I'm an OP. I want to try and make the NA side more active. (which is going to be a little difficult and could take some time but I am really going to try)
    I am also going to discuss this with Smore, to see if we can manage something for the NA Arena. Hopefully, we can get something going.

    Also, If you have any more suggestions, feel free to PM me! I am always open for suggestions and ideas

    Thank you!

  • Thank you guys. I just hope it will be revived soon :)
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