Ini file problem

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    Hy !
    what may be the trouble?

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    I split your comment from the thread, would've gotten lost in the clutter.

    This video (from this thread: might help:

    These are the steps if you can't watch the video due to any reason:
    1) Find the location of where you saved AVA
    2) Right click your AVA.exe and run as Admin
    3) Wait for the game to open and get stuck on the "Connecting" sceen
    4) Close the game and then run your Enmasse launcher as "Admin"
    5) Run the AVA repair tool built into the Enmasse launcher
    6) Go back to where your AVA is saved and run the AVA.exe file with Admin WHILST your Enmasse Launcher is OPEN
    7) Your game should now work, but make sure to pin the AVA.exe file to your task bar
  • Thank you so much ! <3
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