Is the whole clan system down?

Kept getting bad feedback when I tried


  • wtf is bad feedback and what exactly did you try?

  • so it is supposed to work? :D
  • Noprife wrote: »
    so it is supposed to work? :D

    There are no problems with the clan system afaik. You also havn't answered my questions which means i can't help you.

  • When i enter the clan page on website, i cant manage my clan. i cant change clan describtion-staff-leadership. i cant change anything in the clan page on the website. The page does not work for me. anyone else has this problem?
  • SilentSageSilentSage Member, Operative
    We have reported this error a long time ago to EME, still no fix in sight.
  • P6Ney_8LRfit14DWVSnqLQ.png

    Click on Edit:


    NB. First time I tried to load clan page I got the same... maybe just keep loading?
  • So what do the application logs say? :)
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