[EVENT] Best in-game screenshots


This is your chance to show everyone your in-game screenshot skills!
All you have to do is take a screenshot in-game and post it in this thread.
You're free to take a screenshot of anything you'd like. (Let your creativity flow)
The best 3 screenshots will win a permanent item.


- 1 ENTRY per person (& 1 Screenshot per person)
- Screenshot can be in First/Third person or spectator mode.
- You're not allowed to alter the screenshot in any way.
- Be creative. we have plenty of modes where you can take some awesome screenshots.
- Don't be shy to go extreme.
- Have fun.
- Don't forget to put your IGN under your screenshot
- I will be picking the top 3 screenshots along with other OPs
- Last day to post your screenshot will be on October 20th (extended the event due to delayed list of valid entries)

Participation rewards
FAL Hot Road 15 days, 10k euros, SH14 armor 15 days

TOP 3 Screenshot Rewards
1st place – Permanent weapon of choice (Non-FS/MC/Tournament/Exclusive) + 30.000 Euros
2nd place – Permanent secondary of choice (Non-FS/MC/Tournament/Exclusive) + 25.000 Euros
3rd place – Permanent Melee weapon of choice (Non-FS/MC/Tournament/Exclusive) +20.000 Euros

Have fun, enjoy and let your creativity flow!
~ Shine

PS : Please, Only post screenshots in the thread. (or questions regarding the event)

Thank you!


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