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Returning player ( xadmx504, Exact504, OpRIse, OpDoom, OpEliteDoom, Alphas) name changes

I have been playing this game since beta back at ijji and i had an account called xadmx504 i have spent over $5k on it and was wonderring if some one can help me get it back, i want to come back to the game but i cant cause it will feel like a theft of my money if i cant get my account back, and all the hrs and time i have invested in it, you people need to give some of the old players a chance to migrate their accounts again, or the game will lose more player base and will just crumble.


  • tRxZyRiXtRxZyRiX Member, Operative
    Unfortunately , there is no way to get your account migrated since EME stopped the migration last year. Sorry :(
  • why will i scam they can check the details on my account, but whatever if i cant get my account back then so be it, its a dead game anyways.
  • lol you are funny i still have all the transaction details from aeria and still got the original email and everything, when you dont know anything dont try to assume things makes you look like an idiot.
  • Unfortunately the same has been said about other people. they should really have had an extension of migration given how wide the ava database was. but they won't do much now. i haven't seen an active GM in months. Though i have seen a many OP's. i wish you luck. the game isn't so dead at the moment either so it would be beneficial to reopen migration. maybe they just dont store the data anywhere now

  • stay away.
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