Hackers and Cheaters

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Too many hackers are online now can't play the game at all!! What u guys r doing? Why don't ur tech ppl are taking care of these hackers. recently yesterday player named [removed callout] hacking and can't get rid off him at all! Please DO NOT close this thread as we will keep posted about the hackers player names for you to be well aware of and to block them immediately. Ask your tech ppl or the OP's to keep look on this thread regularly.


  • 100% this thread will get closed....
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    PLEASE Don't close the kiddo's crying post....
    There are so many kids crying when they have no skills to play... I only can see harrasment from this idiots, now we can see a post.
    You pros should really leave this game.

  • Yo, my in-game name is Vess1an and I believe many players in NA server blamed me for hacking, but actually I didn't and never hack, lol. I know exactly where other guys are cuz I got a premium headset, aka Kingston Revolver S so I can hear every tiny footstep. Also, I have been playing in other server for 5 years, and 80% of time was playing demolition, so really no need to hack. Anyway, En masse staff can check any time you like to see if I really hack, lol. Finally, wish every player a good luck. Again, never hack, lol~~~
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    Please do not callout players you suspect of hacking on the forums. Submit a ticket and let the customer support team investigate. They blocked 94 players last week, so the reports do work.

    Callouts are not allowed. Submit a ticket.
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