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Building PC help

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well ;3

I saved up and unfortuneatly not enough for PNY Nvidia Quadro p6000 so I decided to invest in GTX 1080ti. Decided to buy the AORUS Geforce GTX 1080ti waterforce Xtreme Edition.

My CPU will be AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x

Motherboard is ASUS Roig Zenith Extreme

This motherboard I have to use liquid cooling, I don't know how so I have to do research on it. I am really scared of spilling water on my PC.

I do not understand m2 SSD or the SATA 3 difference I never had SSD before.

1. I need help with what gaming keyboard to buy I never had them before I do not understand how it is different apart from the lights.

2. I also need help on what SSD to buy, if you have SSD have you ever filled all the space?

I want nice things but I don't really want to spend much money on it. I am already sweating with GPU, CPU and motherboard on its own price of £2300 :cold_sweat:

I think I have to wait 1 more month to be able to get all of this QQ. I want VR soooooo bad but I don't want to spend much monies so I am waiting hoping the price go lower. I think I am very sick in the head, like everytime I spend money on anything like going restruant I sweat a bit, I hate spending money. I want a PC so bad but at the same time I want to save monies. I buy this so I can give this PC I have now to my bro and I can play minecraft with him. His current laptop lags playing minecraft and maybe breaking, I also try to convice him to play Dota2 (My favourite game) ;3


  • Look, your motherboard doesn't have to be that expensive, i spent 500$ on mine and still regret it, getting a 1080, you will be extremely happy, you should just get a samsung Evo Black SSD, It is perfect, and it is damn fast, i love it. I have a 500GB and I use it to run my programs, i use a hard drive for picture and video storage.
  • Bro. We’re not a PC expert here.. go ask the experts at forum.. not here.
  • TricycIeTricycIe Member, Operative
    -I personally have an M.2 SSD cause I have a microATX PC and the M.2 is a lot more low-profile. Either one will work (just make sure your MOBO has an M.2 slot if you go with that)
    -Most people will recommend a mechanical keyboard, any will work really. Some are louder, some require more pressure to activate the switches and other stuff. Do some research, maybe go out to a store and try some out (you don't have to spend $200 on one to get a good keyboard)
    -I have a 128gb SSD, it has about 50gb left on it. You should only put stuff on your SSD that you want to be really fast (#1 thing is to load your operating system onto it for speedy boots).

    Honestly, a 1080ti is overkill unless you're playing high-end games on high settings, especially with GPU prices right now. Use PCpartpicker to select all your parts. It'll tell you if there are any compatibility issues, give you the most updated prices on parts and it's just great. My current PC was around $700 CAD when I built it and I can run pretty much anything that I want to play.

    Current PC
    I have since upgraded to 16gb of RAM and a Ryzen 1500x
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