[Weekly event]Custom Games Stream

On my birthday stream - we made custom games, these games had some silly and on the spot rules - and it turned out pretty fun!

- Join the twitch stream
- Wait in chat until the password is released.
- Follow the rules of the game and enjoy yourself!
- OPTIONAL - Use this form and submit your suggestions.

- Do not flame on this thread
- No hacking
- Behave in game whilst playing.
- Follow the rules of the games.

[Custom games]

With the stream I did - We already have 2 games (variation of them will not count) & I have 4 more in the works - possibly updating this with videos when I get the chance!

Sniper Tag
In a FFA map 1 person goes the scope and that person can only no scope whilst others can only use melee, smokes and flashes. If the scope person is killed, the scope is a free for all to get, you aren't allowed to kill anyone who doesn't have the scope.

If there is a issue with the scope missing or disappearing the person who killed the person holding the sniper must die and continue being the scope until they are killed too.


If me, Zyrix & Myth were to play, If I was the scope & Myth killed me with his knife, him and zyrix can try to get the sniper, if they get it - they can try to kill each other once someone picks the sniper up.

Stream example: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/225660698

Duck Duck Dead
This is also in a FFA map, this will be where the players get into a circle - each player will take turns going into the middle and shoot 1 person, when someone dies the person who killed that person too will be removed if you kill him you get killed, if he lives then you survive this round - its last man standing basically, you may use pistol or a primary, but you need to be careful who you shoot!


If Me, zyrix, Myth & Shirokon was playing, I'd go into the middle and shoot zyrix, if he lives it'll go to the person to my left (clock wise) if he dies then I am removed from the game and Myth and shirokon will be the last remaining to shoot each other.

Stream Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D59KWt2rs8

Tap Tap dink
This can be in another FFA map or annihilation - only allowed to use single shot weapons to get kills, what's the catch? Only allowed to do headshots. Only using the rifle class you can use single shot weapons to get the headshot, if you kill someone via the body, you must pull your melee weapon out for 10 seconds before trying to kill someone via a headshot again.


If Me and zyrix was playing, if i shoot anything but his head and kill him I would need to pull my melee out for 10 seconds and try not to die before I can shoot again.

This is a Specific game - everyone must have the Pumpkin grenade equipped - you need to survive as long as you can and wait the timer down. If you run out out of the Pnade you are allowed to melee others, however be warned they will respawn with the pnade. The main Objective is to survive or be best player of that game.
This can be played in any game mode that allows grenades & if it is the pumpkin grenade only!

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/235115297


If i was to pnade Zyrix and it didn't kill him, I am allowed to try to kill him using my melee weapon and if he had already used the pumpkin grenade and gets killed by me, he will respawn with a new one.

Mid Battles - Shotguns Only - By @RmCODE
In this game mode in either Teams or in FFA in cannon - at opposite end of the large mid area, 1 player from each side will be battling eachother with any shotgun of choice, whats the catch? Each player can only shoot 1 bullet at a time, quick switch and must jump after shooting


If me and Zyrix was against each other - I would shoot him once quickswitch to something else and back to my weapon and then jump and repeat - if I died the next 2 to go in will face off - last person alive would win.

VIP Extraction - By @xDaDoctor
So on a convoy map (runaway as an example) 1 person will be listed as VIP and will only be able to use a pistol - where as the rest of the team needs to defend that VIP. The Objective is to get the object out of the map via escaping.

If the VIP becomes the last one alive - they are allowed to pick up one of their teammates guns (cannot use your own primary) and try to complete the mission - if the VIP dies before the mission is complete - the team loses - however the teams can play until the other team is dead but cannot get the package out. 2 VIP's per team (not at the same time) is allowed, the 2nd VIP will be the person who picks the case up after the first VIP is dead.)

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/235115297


There will be 5 spots that I will raffle on stream, these will have 1 weapon lasting for 7 days that will add to the custom games experiences, on top of that we will have a group code every week containing 1 weapon that is "key" to the games we will be playing.

Participation Reward in game: 10,000 euros & double booster 7 days*

Winner of custom game: Extra 5,000 euros & 14 armour set for 7 days*

If we play your custom game that you have submitted, you will get: 20,000 euros + Gun of choice for 15 days*

*Rewards are subjected to be changed


Every Sunday at 5PM EET till 7PM EET

[Week schedule]
These streams will run for 7 weeks!

Week 1: 28th of January My group code if it still has uses: Duck Duck Dead
Week 2: 4th of February My Gorup code if it still has uses: Sn0ooper Tag
Week 3: 18th February code: Happy Valentines Day
Week 4: 4th of March Code:TapTap Dink
OH, before I forget - the more that joins the stream and joins in game, the bigger the chance I could ask for more stuff than 1 weapon. First stream is a test stream also.


  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    Going live with Custom games Episode #1 Come join!
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    Stream has gone live, check the stream above for Episode #2.
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    Just to update:

    I will not be doing a stream on the 11th of February - I may stream another game at that point but more likely wont be a FPS game - basically lost all grip in my right hand, so apologies!
  • SirReeceo wrote: »
    Just to update:

    I will not be doing a stream on the 11th of February - I may stream another game at that point but more likely wont be a FPS game - basically lost all grip in my right hand, so apologies!

    Damn, hope you get better soon man
  • Will you be doing a custom game this sunday on the 18th Reeces pieces
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    SignOfFear wrote: »
    Will you be doing a custom game this sunday on the 18th Reeces pieces

    Yeah - just check the bottom of my original post to see my schedule for it!
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    I will be steraming in 50 mins my custom games event - so please come join me at 5PM EET/4PM CET/3PM GMT - Group code and individual codes too! www.twitch.tv/reecedow
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    The stream is starting in 2 hours and 20 minutes from now - we will be having a group code and 5 individual codes (You can check whats in the individual codes in the stream title) on top of that I currently have a follower goal giveaway open so if you want to join that whilst the stream is on then please do so! Other wise - I look forward to seeing people there! www.twitch.tv/reecedow
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    Just to update - I will be ending this event a week earlier, so after next week this will no longer run, if you have submissions for custom games and we have played them, you have already been rewarded.

    I won't go into specifics but this was fun whilst it lasted - and I hope you all can join me this weekend on Sunday the 18th for week 5 and Sunday the 25th for the finale.
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    Just to inform yu all, today's stream may start a bit later today, as I will be prepping myself for my 24 hour stream the following day.
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