Re-open transfers from Aeria to EnMasse

I can't help but notice that I see so many players asking for this. Because they've missed the transfer. It's [filtered].
I'm considering to stop because of this, I've just heard about it.


  • ShiroKoNShiroKoN Member, Operative
    Hello there,
    unfortunately it's not possible to re-open the transfer from AeriaGames to EnMasse, even a ticket wouldn't help either.
    You are just unlucky who missed the transfer.
    The only thing i can say is, just start over with a new Account.
  • AIifeAIife Member
    wish they'd transfer from ijji to enmasse l0l
  • TL;DR... There is technical difficulties for verification of ownership of Aeria accounts so no , you cannot possibly transfer any account anymore... Since most guns from 1+ years ago and pretty much anything from 2+ years ago is obsolete you're better off with a new account anyway....

    I think the issue is technical... Since the Aeria account info as well as email and stuff was not ever gonna be shared with EME Aeria had a portal page where you actually login to your Aeria account to verify an EME account as yours...

    So , now that Aeria has closed the portal and maybe even deleted the customer data related to AVA there is no possible way to verify the claim of anybody claiming to be Dinolee for example.. You can show AP purchases and what not for your email and paypal account , but that is linked to emails that might be likely different than the one you have for EME...

    So there is huge risk of scamming , fraud and what not possible in such a scenario , unless Aeria somehow managed to provide the portal for verification again... If they still have the data , if they even still give any damn about ava anymore ... Which i doubt...

    Lastly, since EME actually wanted to be kind hearted and actually unblock untransferred accounts and give them to people who gave substantial proof (most likely legitimate) of ownership ... What that ended up being like? Well , many previously banned accounts for cheating and what not were unbanned and played again... This leads me to believe that Aeria only shared the account data , not that account status as being banned or whatever...

    It's stupid we know , but it ain't so stupid after all...

  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    They had a very large and extended time period to migrate their accounts - its their own responsibility to do so.
  • With how much time has passed, there is no reason to re open transfer migrations.. Had plenty of time to.
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    GYPEFKXRDK wrote: »
    With how much time has passed, there is no reason to re open transfer migrations.. Had plenty of time to.

    Tbh it is not the time. @iPacifist explained it perfectly in his Spoiler.
  • Wish they would just go ahead and clear out the ijji and aeria databases so we can use some of those nicknames again. I missed the ijji/aeria boat and would have no problem paying for a name change to get back to my normal gamer name.
  • it's not EME or AERIA who did transfer, Neowiz did that, fun fact or not. But yeah, they probably hired someone to do such things... Still kind of funny to see people expecting to get forgotten or banned accounts, get over it, you won't get a single of them.
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