Help Me Decide About My Car Boys

I got a 2013 Hyundai Elantra GL and I'm currently in the process of ricing it up. It's got a satin black paint job w/ black rims and green caliper covers. Do you think I should de-badge the car (the Hyundai emblems, i'll keep the others) or go with a matte black Hyundai logo for front/back? Reply here or PM me any suggestions ty ladies


  • NLRvZNLRvZ Member
    Matte black logos, black tint the windows and slam the s..t out of it. What is the size of the rim?
  • Well, manufacturer logos are some kind of advertisement of car manufacturer so some people remove it. On the other hand - there is no shame in having such a car, so if your logos dont screw your car looks - why would you remove it? Unless you know what you want to have instead. Matte should do good I guess.
    Go all top gear on location with it lol
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