iNyuuBlaZ looking for an active clan

with TeamSpeak. feel free to try me out before recruiting me. I used to be the clan leader of HardToHandle, have 10 A.V.A accounts (I like to have more nicknames). I'm 30 years old but I'm still a kid. I haven't really played much lately but I plan to change this when I'm in a clan. I'm from Europe, Slovenia. I prefer to rush with a pointman.


  • zSyntaxzSyntax Member
    Clan Flaw is lookong for a great you think youre good at it...then hmu at ign : zSyntax
  • Hey Syntax its me N1ghtH1wk I made new account on AVA im looking for a clan
  • Hey Syntax its me N1ghtH1wk I made a new acct on AVA and im looking for a clan
  • blaznyuublaznyuu Member
    I'm no longer looking for a clan, this topic can be closed.
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