ESL AVA Section has been revived!

It has happened! The ESL AVA section has been succesfully revived :). I want to thank you all for your support and hopefully we can have a good run with tournaments. First step obviously now is the return of the ICC ;)

First cup goes live next week Saturday, make sure to compete with all of your friends!

Full news can be found at


  • QBlackCatQQBlackCatQ Member
    edited March 21
    A few months ago things looked pretty hopeless for AVA. Now look at it
  • time 2 get the squad togheter
  • I m still waiting for Demo recording to laugh my [filtered] off at how inconsistent the game is ... But sure , it's competitive 'nough' i guess...

    No offence to actual good players... But the game itself isn't competitive...

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