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As most of you know, the ESL section of AVA has been brought back and is being supported again by the publisher to furnish virtual prizes. What most of you may not know, is that MythSky and I have been discussing behind the scenes an alternative added prize to potentially revive the competitive scene of this game, or at least bring about some entertainment while we still have the section.
I am going to be personally funding 1st place prize with cash. Yes. Cash.
Now this is going to be a difficult process to get through, as anyone intelligent can probably guess the potential issues from doing this however I am confident that myself and MythSky can make sure we get through the process with little to no pain.

How it will work:
I will fund 1st place cash prize for a total of 5 players X Dollars; this may start as low as 50$ total (10$/each) and could get as high as I promised, 500$ (100$/each).
This is going to completely depend on the number of participating teams. Actual playing teams.
With this weekend’s cup being the first cup back officially with ESL, and not the greatest turn out so far, although we expect to see the number increase still, I have not committed to paying it out. I did say on MythSky’s stream that if by the grace of god we somehow got 30+ teams to participate in this 1st cup I would do 500$ 1st place, and I will stand by my word.

The tricky parts:
-Obviously there is cash prize involved. To qualify for this, you will need to have a VERIFIED PayPal, and at the end of the cup, it will be MANDATORY for the 5 players to provide to the captain their paypals. For added safety that no one is taking advantage of this, they will also be personally required to speak to myself and/or MythSky in discord prior to fund distribution.
-I will not under any circumstance release prize funds without verification from participant(s), regardless of what the captain says. Nor will one individual be given more than the individual amount. With no negative intentions behind this, it's my money, and I will do with it as I please.
-Depending on preference / feedback from the community, I will either personally distribute the funds, or I will hand them over to MythSky.
Please note that this is not being advertised on ESL, and does not need to be. However, it can be advertised on social media outlets, streams, etc. Feel free to spread the word to hopefully bring about more teams.

Feedback is welcomed in all shapes and forms, just nothing negative.
For example;
Say majority is unhappy with only a 1st place prize and we are averaging a decent number of teams participating in each cup. I will offer a smaller cash prize to 2nd and or 3rd place, depending on the number of participants. Don’t expect these to be extravagant numbers here, regardless of what my bank account looks like, I’m not going to just hand my hard earned money out for no reason. On the other hand, I would like to see the game grow, which is why I am doing this in the first place.

The ultimate goal here is to get the scene going again, and maintain a healthy number of participating teams throughout the month.
There is a large amount of potential for those high-thinking individuals that can put 1 + 1 together with this happening.
Every other F2P game is not currently hosting any major appealing tournaments; not only this, but AVA will be the first F2P game that could potentially be hosting REGULAR (bi-weekly or more frequently) cups offering cash prizes to the players. Depending on how far this goes, there is as there always has been the potential for AVA to become popular again, and possibly more popular than it ever was.

This will only work with the support of the community, and EME.

Feel free to post any thoughts / feedback in the thread, and I will be happy to address them as I check for updates. I have run this past MythSky and briefly mentioned it to GM Discodolly so both parties (ESL/EME) are aware that this is happening. This thread will be being monitored so save your negativity for some place else.

Again, I have not made the decision on whether or not I will fund this 1st cup simply because it’s too early to say and there is only a small number of teams signed up right now.

Disclaimer: I will be doing this at MY DIGRESSION. If there is for any reason any thoughts of foul play (use of 3rd party software, cheats, etc.) from a winning team, investigation will take place and be completed prior to funds being distributed. And I am not bound by any contract or terms to pay this out, it is done by my choosing.

Do not be deterred by that. All I am saying with that is people coming into this thinking they can cheat their way to 1st place for some easy cash need to think twice. My opinion is the only opinion that matters regarding pay outs. I will heavily take into consideration results of any investigations if this does happen, however again it is ultimately my decision. There will be no favoritism involved either, whether I am playing in the cup or for the team that won, most people that know me know my word is my bond and if I say I am going to do something it get's done. Cheating will not be tolerated under any circumstance, and I can't put enough emphasis on this.



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