How do I link my steam account?

I've been spending the last 30 minutes trying to link my steam account. This is very frustrating, can anyone help?


  • xddddddxdddddd Member
    pls help!!
  • tRxZyRiXtRxZyRiX Member, Operative
    Simply download AVA through steam and log in with the account you want your steam account to be linked with.
  • xddddddxdddddd Member
    the thing is there isnt a download button on the steam page for me
  • xddddddxdddddd Member
    i have spent 2 hours trying to find out, still cant find solution
  • Badboy2kxBadboy2kx Member
    well AVA is shutting down and they are not accepting new players to the game so your probably out of luck!
  • I was able to download ava through steam yesterday so it should work
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