New Year's ResoLOOTions Event!



  • A30 , B30

    IGN: C4rbonCod3
  • C54,D19
    ign: nisba
  • B58,C58
    ign: anlm4l
  • DroemelDroemel Member
    edited January 2017

    IGN DerDroemel
  • a1 b1

  • b18 d30

  • Oh Snap ! i won something xD , Erm what to do now c:?
  • C21

  • A33 , B69

  • EladHDs wrote: »
    Oh Snap ! i won something xD , Erm what to do now c:?

    Open messages in game
  • B35 , A28

    IGN: Belzebo
  • i need to choose again ? 0-0
  • B14, C12
    IGN: Nemicon
  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    edited January 2017
    Today's winners are listed below! I've also listed the answers to some questions that came in below winner names, so check that out if you've posted a question!

    Today's giveaway will take place on our Twitter account! Respond to this tweet with your in-game name and table choices to enter into tomorrow's drawing.
    ItsMeZius wrote: »
    D26, B70

    IGN: OnlyZio

    20,000 euros

    Brazil Mask (3 Day)
    E3WHP6G3RA wrote: »
    A73, B73

    FN2000 Maverick (15 Days)

    AK-47 Lion 15 Days
    MiiTsY wrote: »
    A5 A55

    IGN : MiiTsY

    100 euros

    1 Day 100% Euro Boost
    XUPAKI wrote: »
    c25, d70


    Frogman Mask (1 Day)

    3 Day Double Up
    SirReeceo wrote: »
    C4, E19


    Clan Mask of Skull (3 Day)

    Jason Death (1 Day)
    eMoNeL18 wrote: »
    B40 - E39

    IGN: eMoNeL15

    MP7A1 Night Flier (15 Days)

    20000 euros
    Cluuutch wrote: »
    C69, D4

    Ign: Cluuutch

    1 Day 100% EXP Boost

    Desert Eagle Last Team (15 Days)
    Belzebo wrote: »
    B35 , A28

    IGN: Belzebo

    Mk.20 SSR Proto 7 days

    Desert Eagle Last Team (15 Days)
    A4EKJ57A3E wrote: »
    D20 D21

    IGN: tdamse

    Clan Mask of Skull (3 Day)

    100 euros
    RmCODE wrote: »
    C67 B56


    M16 VN Snowflake (15 Days)

    500 euros
    MysticMood wrote: »
    B59, C59

    IGN: MysticMood

    5000 euros

    100 euros


    I won something. How and when do I get it?
    I grant prizes directly to player accounts within an hour after my prize posts. If you won items, they'll show up in your in-game inbox. If you won euros, they'll go straight to your euro balance.

    Do I need to re-choose numbers each day?
    Yes! To have a chance at the next day's prizes, you need to enter the previous day.

    When are prizes picked, rewarded, and new entries kicked off each day?
    It will vary slightly, but prizes are usually picked and awarded between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. PST. It will vary on some days, however, so stay sharp!
  • c30 , e17

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