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Guess the Weapon (Remade) rewards?

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Hi I got some rewards but they are not the weapons that are listed in the event(remade one). I got rewards from the event that was canceled (original one). When will we get the ones from this remade event?



  • LyriKsLyriKs Member
    I guess there must have been an opsiiie ops
  • As always it takes ages to give out the rewards.
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    Reece is looking into it with Smoreceror, hope to expect info on Monday.
  • LyriKsLyriKs Member
    I shall add that we were promised a compensation for the cancellation of the first event.
  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    Already pointed out to smore with the rewards, also since its not my event I have no clue what the compensation would of been.
  • LyriKsLyriKs Member
    @SirReeceo ,
    Dont worrt, no one has any ideas about the compensation :d
  • TricycIeTricycIe Member, Operative
    I talked to Smore about the compensation yesterday. Sadly, he doesn't work on weekends so we'll have to wait until the weekday
  • SNipThenSNipThen Member
    edited July 4
    I did not receive the rewards too... i hope i didnt miss it spent 2 hours on it
  • PlacenikPlacenik Member
    i didnt receive any reward from this event
  • Any infos?
  • 3NKYD47NT3 wrote: »
    Any infos?

    Why your avatar is jailed?
  • 3NKYD47NT3 wrote: »
    Any infos?

    Why your avatar is jailed?

    I made rage threads about hackers
  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    I granted the wrong week's prizes ><

    I'll be granting these before Friday!
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