Launcher Issues - Player with Vodafone as their ISP

As some of you noticed, since last week quite a few users are unable to update the game. The affected users are the ones who have Vodafone as their ISP. To collect more information for EME as they are so far unable to pinpoint the problem due to lack of information, please post your IGN as a reply if you are affected by the issue.

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  • IGN: RandomORG
  • uTmMoNkEyuTmMoNkEy Member
    edited July 2017
    IGN: llMoNkEyll, but i need to say that i found a way to solve it but not all people want to do it like this and is not confortable make this every time when u want to log in;

    1 - dont use a DNS, you dont need it, is not working
    2 - dissable your router cable connection, but not Wifi
    3 - If u have a Smartphone you can give Wifi, so use it to give Internet to your PC.
    4 - Start the launcher with the wifi, you will get the Update but is a big one so be sure that you have enough Data. XD
    5 - Start the launcher with the SmartphoneWIfi and the EME launcher not the AVA one.
    6 - Dont press play, dissable ur Wifi or connect with Cable Modem and that's all.
    7 - Enjoy playing. XD
    and is working, but you will get DC after a long time playing, but it takes a lot of time so you can play like 2-3 h without problems.

    I dont know if for you all is gonna work but for me does so try it.
  • SmorecerorSmoreceror Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    Hey all! We need some pretty specific info to help us troubleshoot this issue.

    1. Your in-game name
    2. Where you're connecting from
    3. A launcher diagnostic. I know they're huge files, but we'll need the whole thing. You can attach those through the forum PM system, or send them to Myth or myself on Discord.

    Thanks for helping us get this sorted out!
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