Immediate Ban to these 2 players! Do not close this treat please. IT IS URGENT!

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[mod edit] Please check out the ToS. This is clearly not allowed on forums!

They have 3 days already ruinning the matches. Please act quick!

There is another one, but I do not remember his IGN correctly.

qqxqq something like that


  • SilentSageSilentSage Member, Operative
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    It's litteraly in the forum rules that reporting hackers goes either through the Op's or through the ticket system and that it's not allowed on the forums. And no this is not the censor , it's to keep the forums clean and not make a mess out of it with people reporting hackers all over the place.. This has been the case for over a year...

    Besides, you got any proof in case Xigncode doesn't trigger anything on EME's side?
  • ShineSpritesShineSprites Member, Operative
    We've explained this many times already, reporting hackers on the forums is not allowed.
    I went ahead and locked the thread.

  • SpacecatsSpacecats Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    If you have evidence about a player hacking (screenshots help, video is even better), please make sure you submit it in a customer support ticket:
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