AVA Closed ?

Hi its true ava will be closed on may 5 ?


  • SirReeceoSirReeceo Member, Operative
    Sum it up in one word: Rumours.
  • Rumours or not , if it's gonna close that soon , be prepared for announcement next couple of weeks... Otherwise the game is not closing yet...
  • MythSkyMythSky Member, Operative
    There have been rumours about cheaters shutting down the game then, not EME closing the game.

    Whether they will attempt it or succeed is hard to say. Guess we will find out.
  • YumeGamiYumeGami Member
    edited March 5
    Hoax, one of many.
  • HalrathHalrath Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    AVA's not going anywhere. Don't drink the internet's kool-aid.
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