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  • You have to look and it in a positive way, we all had good memories here. some bad.. its sad but something will replace ava.
    in Refund Comment by iDaisy May 8
  • I personally love the idea of offering up these codes, so everybody has a chance to have a fun time before the game ends and certainly tryout guns that are rarely seen in game. But to refuse a refund after just releasing fortune stars.... ehhh makes…
    in Refund Comment by iDaisy May 8
  • with the amount of money players have spent, enmasse could have hired people who actually have a [filtered] to do something about ava. And you guys think you've done a good job? Ava was best in ijji, mediocre in aeria and now below crap in enmasse. …
  • Ill give you 2 black and 1 gold you want to buy my account for say $10
  • yes im ranting but son of a ***** you release fortune stars and then shut the game a week later. everybody deserves a refund so they can at least use it on another enmasse supported game. not just me, everybody.
  • JFN6PM5CN5 wrote: » i have spend 16400 emp 7hours ago i hope i can get a steamwallet refund lord be with me i bought the entire fortune stars a few days ago. not happy ffs!!
  • This game had so much potential, crippled by laziness, bad leadership and poor choices. Now both this, singapore and from a rumor from a friend who plays; Taiwan is also closing. This is beyond horrible to see because so many players here enjoyed av…
  • ex** are disbanded. everybody left, the latter clan ik what you mean. anti cheat is top of the to do list. but i dont see it happening until
  • The gun itself is irrelevant, and i'd agree with zSyntax that it tags alot so i dont use it. It has a nice skin though. It's the principle. i spent money others dont. so i guess that makes me the idiot and enmasse a liar. No its fine, but fyi i live…
  • please close/lock. i joined kreative, all girl clan thx
  • This game has some amazing Op's and players in general (not sucking up) that actually care and enmasse doesn't; or if you do. Do better! i'm paralyzed between rage and love.
  • I agree this would be a good option to implement but i wouldn't pay 2000 emp for this, And aside from some very true collectors this is a steep price to pay - Where a ducky account watching a stream in a different timezone can get for free. just my …
  • and my ign is iDaisy. sorry for my long ranting xoxo
  • I'm not somebody who usually posts on the forums but i'd like to input my own opinion here from kinda a buyers perspective. So my ign is same as my forum ID. i know some of you guys syntax for sure. I've been on ava since the very beginnings of …
  • As a long time player i would personally love to see this game brought back. It needs more activity from Enmasse, From a players perspective enmasse does neither care nor appreciate the value Ava has. it is not the best game but many people still lo…