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  • Re: Reporting for Duty!

    Congratulations Halrath, and well said. I'm looking forward to working with you from the Player Relations side of things (as many of you know, Smoreceror has moved on to focus on Product Management here at En Masse).

    There's a lot of work to do. As someone who has collaborated with Halrath over the last several months on TERA, I believe AVA is in excellent hands with him on board!
  • Exploiting will result in account ban

    This is a reminder that, as stated in the Terms of Service, exploiting of a bug, glitch, or any in-game system is a bannable offense. This is a topic that En Masse Entertainment takes very seriously. As a publisher, our primary concerns are the well-being of the AVA community, game stability, and the health of in-game systems – including but not limited to the game economy, a key aspect of game progression for players and maintaining a competitive environment.

    Exploiting the Black Market is a good example, and as noted in Lawllipops' update yesterday, it's a glitch we're working to fix as quickly as possible. Our acknowledgement of a glitch doesn't make it okay for anyone to break the Terms of Service by exploiting that glitch any more than acknowledging hackers makes it okay to attempt a hack in AVA.

    As part of our resolution of the Black Market bug, we're planning on banning any account that has abused and exploited it. Again, please see the update made by Lawllipops for further details regarding our coordination with Red Duck on implementing a fix.
  • Halloween Photoshop Contest - Winners have been determined!

    Got image manipulation skills? How about really terrible MSPaint skills? Let’s celebrate Halloween with an AVA image contest! Insert or recreate your AVA character in a spooky environment, situation, or even your favorite scary movie/show and post your submission in this thread!

    There will be a winner selected for each of the following categories (8 winners total):
    • Most realistic
    • Might frightening
    • Best MSPaint
    • Worst MSPaint monstrosity
    • Best use of an AVA gun
    • Best use of an AVA map
    • Most surreal/abstract
    • Most humorous

    Submission rules:
    • Only one submission allowed per player.
    • You must include your in-game AVA name in your post. Give exact spelling in order to ensure you get your prize! Your account must be in good standing (not banned).
    • Images must be your own work. Don't modify someone else's work and try to claim it as your own.
    • Images should be hosted somewhere easily viewable in this thread. We suggest Imgur.
    • You may include a brief text description to be considered along with your picture. Keep it to three sentences or less please.
    • Final submissions must be posted before Midnight PDT on Monday, October 31.
    • You may edit your post if you change your image, but only before the Oct 31 deadline.

    The winners from each category will receive 2,000 EMP added to their account, plus a 30-Day Ignis Scythe!

    The eight winners will be announced on the En Masse Twitch stream Wednesday, November 9, plus we’ll show off our favorite honorable mentions. Good luck!

    UPDATE: We're making a small change to when winners will be announced. Instead of announcing during the 11/4 EME stream, we will be announcing winners during the first of EME's regular AVA streams on Wednesday, November 9. After that, we'll have an AVA stream every other Wednesday full of fun events, Q&A, and feature forecasts.
  • Re: Blue Tickets will turn into Euros

    UE95 wrote: »
    Some ranks get BT as a reward for leveling up. I'll get 50BT for ranking to Colonel 4th, for example. Will you be converting those too or will we get something else instead of the BT?

    I assume details such as the conversion rate and BT guns will be announced at a later time so I'll just leave that one question for now.

    That will be covered in the article. Good question! :)
  • Re: Master of the Modes rewards update

    @Aryasha That's really good feedback, and it would be great to have in-game tracking work the way you described. I'll pass it on to our production team and RedDuck!