[NA] Stormblade Crew Lvl 8 - Fun and chill crew with active members at certain times

About us

We have fun, chill, and active members at certain times, but we all like to help each other with contribution runs, Crew Dungeon, or just to chat with each other. We also have chats for other games, so if you play another games feel free to come join, we have people who also play League for PC and Epic Seven for phone games

Benefits and values we have for our members: Have max rep on all areas, and emp buffs included in the buff to use. If your also looking for a party come join! We would love to chat with everyone! Can switch buff's on request too!

In this crew, we also have our very own mascot, named Stormblade-chan, make sure to leave a react!


1) Press L
2) Click magnifiying glass and type "StormBlade"
3) Apply

4)you can add me or look for 1 of the deputy and pm him via in-game or discord

My information: Account Name : xXLeviXx / Discord : Hikari#1143
Discord link: https://discord.gg/BM8Cr49

Other infomration

Discord group available and Premium buffs:

  • Dragon Sculpture (Damage bonus during empowered state)
  • Gaming Zone (Damage bonus against Transcendent)
  • Cute Cat Desk (Increase Psi/Physical Crit damage)
  • J Logo Sofa (Increase Exp/Gold/Item Drop rate)
  • Kendo Protection Equipment (Increase Air/Back/Chase Crit damage bonus)
  • Punch Man (Increase Air/Back/Chase Penetrate defense rate)

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