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Hey EU! Get those Twitch Prime Promotional goodies!

Hi everyone!

Good news! We’ve been working hard here to make sure that our EU players can receive the same benefits for the Twitch Prime Promotion we’ve been running.

EU players can now participate in the promotion! So HURRY! En Masse: Action RPG Pack #1 will be over on Monday, April 22!

  • Closers players: Elite Status, gardening and maid vouchers, plus four exclusive specialty suit costume pieces (hair, jacket, shoes, sunglasses).

The second month's pack (available April 22 to May 23) offers:

  • Closers: gear boosters, more Elite Status, and additional specialty suit costume pieces to finish the exclusive look (slacks, gloves, and alternate jacket; all those and a bonus skirt for the females), which now has been updated to include the newest addition to the Closers team: Bai!

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