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Hello fellow players and community staff members.
My in-game name is Pascuali, and I'm a cute Levia. This doesn't have anything to do with my problem, but it's polite to introduce yourself when discussing stuff.

I'm still pissed off after the achievement revamp patch.
I was at 92/100 Hell runs to get my achievement, and that progress is lost.
I don't even know how far I was in Overflow achievement.
I don't mean to rub my achievements on other people's faces, but I also made 3 +15 items and 3 +14 items, as well as countless +13s/+12s.
All that achievement progress is GONE. I didn't get to keep any of my enhancement achievements.

Before someone calls me "whale" and tells me to just do them again, sure, I might do them again, but is it fair? will I even have the luck or RNG blessing to do them again? Why would I have to do it again if I already had it? I don't whale hard, I just buy costumes from time to time. I have terrible luck tuning costumes and gear, and I don't plan on risking my in-game funds on trying for another +15 item again.

Even if enhancing is a thing of RNG and luck, I think it's not fair that after actually earning those achievements, we lost them all anyway.
I haven't heard a single word about if something will be done about the lost progress on our achievements, or if they will just ignore the issue until no one keeps asking.

I have asked people on player council about it, and they also don't know if any measures will be taken.

So I wanted to ask here and see if anyone else is actually pissed off about losing achievements AND progress on them after the patch.

Thank you for your time.


  • It's insane, really. I work 72 hours a week at the North Eastern US candle factory just so I can buy a new keyboard every 4 days and grind out my 82.5 characters their achievement.

    But one day, I wake up at the wee crack of dawn and after THE LONGEST PATCH KNOWN TO MAN AND SOME DOLHPINS all my progress is gone?

    Does Eme not care about how many keyboards I went through to get as close to finishing those achievements as I was? I could make a chair out of broken A keys.

    I demand retribution, or at least a nice pizza party in the break room. I really hate the smell of wax.

  • Why do developers feel the need to add in "achievements" to repeat things over and over, or achievements based purely on luck, which aren't real achievements at all?? Why couldn't the achievement revamp bring in proper achievements which actually take some skill, such as:
    -Complete Contamination Overflow in under 4 minutes
    -Complete Wolfgang Overclocked without taking any damage

    Honestly don't gain any real satisfaction in completing any of the current achievements, just doing it for the points and rewards.

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    Sadly there will be no measures taken, as this was an intended action by Naddic(game devs), and occurred in the KR server as well.

    It's a bummer nevertheless. I was hoping something could've been done.

  • That seems poorly managed, I understand this isn't on EME themselves as the update and it's workings come from Naddic, but even then it's fairly short sighted and disappointing. I've seen several people already decide that giving up on things they were working on for some time are the only options they can stomach taking.

  • It sucks... really.
    If the situation is intended, they might as well have warned players they were going to lose progress and achievements fairly acquired... I'm heartbroken and very VERY disappointed in how all this matter was managed, neither Naddic or EME did it right.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their view on the matter, as well as Hime for giving a straight answer.

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    Don't worry Hime, I know that the mods/PC aren't the ones who made this choice, rather they too are negatively affected by it. It's entirely for EME (maybe Naddic indirectly) to read in hopes they start to get a grasp of how bad this move was. I'm glad you are supporting the community in getting involved and making its voices heard. This is an instance where it is highly appropriate for the community to do so.

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