Is Yuri bad at pvp?

Is Yuri at a disadvantage in PvP? Compared to other character who have more aoe attacks. What are some good skills for Yuri for pvp?


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    Well, she is among one of the worst characters in both PvE and PvP until she gets SA.
    ...and I'm saying this as a Yuri main.

    Her main disadvantages are:

    • Her combos are easily dropped/vulnerable to lag until RA
    • She doesn't get a restanding skill until either RA or locked skill is unlocked
    • Her 3D coverage isn't good until RA (noticing a pattern...?)
    • Her grab is—ironically—one of the absolute worst in terms of range, and she only gets one grab

    But what you want to do is abuse the fact that she currently has the longest 2D range in the entire game.
    If you can get someone to flinch by using Suppressing Fire or Rapid Fire (both which have range of approx. 60% of the map), you can easily catch up to them by using [front arrow] + Supersonic Slash * 2 and start a juggle from there.
    And yes, based on what I just said, that also means she's currently the best at running away and distancing herself.

    Also, Lunging Slash-buffed Roundhouse Slash has great 3D range, although other players are probably more likely to be armored if you use that.
    She's also the only one who currently has a SM1 that is a massive AoE that surrounds herself, which is a huge boon—no need to aim, which pretty much means you can immediately make a comeback after FCing. It also had iframes, so it has a chance of beating out simultaneous SM casts.

    Err, so, her best skills are, in order of importance

    • SM 5-Point
    • All of your other SMs
    • Rapid Fire/Suppressing Fire → High-range unexpected catcher
    • Supersonic Slash/Lunging Slash → Catches the above & also allows you to run away
    • Phase Flip/Lighting Fast → Restander/Damage
    • Spin-Kick → Your one and only grab
    • Overhead Barrage → Anti-lag catcher
    • Roundhouse Slash → This is also going to be your BnB damage

    I would just recommend using everything. Everything she currently has has a purpose.
    You can replace Rapid Fire w/ Suppressing Fire though.

  • I'm currently lvl 33, I can't beat other characters in pvp except for fighter. Ok thanks for the info, I'll level up some more before go into PvP.

  • Just takes some getting used to. practice your aerial chains thats where her combo game lies.

  • What Firis said. My only 2 matches were against J / the Fighter (and I've never pvp'd on this game before), just stay as much in the air as you can, as characters like J will charge through underneath you. Yuri's a lot more lagsensitive in terms of catching and combos though, so be careful and play as safe as you can

  • Ok thanks for the info! Will do that!

  • Actually, Yuri on PvP isn't that bad when you at least got her OA. I play myself as Main Yuri on Japanese version. and also in this version.

    currently :

  • Yuri pvp isnt that bad even in rookie league she pretty good

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    You're a little late, that last post was in November 2017 during closed beta.

  • Nice one, reviving dead post from almost 3 years ago. I hope someone closes the thread soon.

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