Bai vs Soma endgame DPS

Played Bai up until lv70 and Soma until lv60, so I got the general grasp of their gameplay. What's the damage ceilings of both at the current endgame which is Puri/WG? Where does one excel where the other lacks potential?


  • Soma deal a LOT OF DAMAGE if you can timing her attacks correctly.Don't know about Bai, since I don't play her SA. Bai deal more strikes, and Bai is faster, at least for now. Though Soma has iframe special move, that also heal her MP+HP, so it's all up to you. If you want to be stronger and clear missions faster then pick Soma. imho

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    Bai outperforms Soma by a landslide. The only measurement worth taking into account is clear time. However, its depends heavily on the user performance/investment.

    All closers are relatively similar, the only big differences are that if that character does true damage and how easily can proc condional damage. Almost all of Bai skills proc Aerial and Back and A LOT of them also proc Chase, putting her ahead of Soma.

    Note that both of them are perfectly fine and you will yield better results mastering the one that you like the most, instead of just playing the most broken one.

  • Soma has a burst dmg, the best burst dmg in the game. Bue she is outclassed in long dps runs by anothers chars.

    just play wich you like the most, this agme is not hard at all to be talking about a possible metagame.

  • Soma has insane burst while bai attacks faster .. just play the one you find more fun , in terms of pve tier they should be in the same tier below seth and seha/wg

  • Pick Seth. You have true DMG and damageiooo. It's like a +12 Seth compared to other +14 chars.

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