About the now defunct Kritika and its Dimensional leap event.

I know this is Closers online forum, but considering that the event was somehow related and that after making the question there, the only reply I got was trolling...
Here is the thing: Not long after Kritika Shoting down announcement, eme started a Dimensional leap event very similar to the ones made in closers some time ago. Basically the comunity did stuff in game which will unlock rewards for players that also played Closers or Tera on those games if you had a kritika account.

So considering that I had a Kritika account since beta and played during the event:

How do I get the rewards on my closers acc?

I ask this 'cause the only mail I got from Kritika was with something related to the Korean version of the game.
Also this page: https://enmassehelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018983874-Kritika-Closure-FAQ
States that:

Rewards will be coming soon. To receive your rewards we need to have permission to e-mail you about Kritika. To be ready to get your rewards make sure you've signed up for the Kritika Online Newsletter.

Go to http://account.enmasse.com and log in.
Select Profile Management.  
Make sure the box Kritika Online Newsletter is checked
Select Update.

Big problem is that the option mentioned there does not exists most likely due the game being completly removed after shotdown....
As I said before, I got a mail from kritika but it was not related to this event. It was a mail sent during march 22 and related to keep playing on the kr version of the game.
Thanks for the replies in advance.


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    Contact support if you did not receive the dimensional leap event email.

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    Ok thanks for the replies will do that.

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    Can confirm that support was able to solve my problem.
    The mods can close this thread if they want to.

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