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Hi I'm a long time player and really enjoy when events come out sure i should be grinding my characters since i don't even have a fully geared end game character but i do have all the character above level 70 seldom two characters. That is besides the point, the point i want to make and get out there is, why was the entry of the new event limited to one character per account. I find this foolish as I like getting all the new items that come with the event with all the characters it honestly is how i got most of my characters to a decent level as i have characters who i prefer playing over the others. It makes it refreshing going back to a character you haven't played in a while and now that it has been limited in such a way i now lose even more interest in the game overall. Please enmasse be smart and revert it back to how it was don't be how you used to be where we have stamina and only could play certain amount of missions in a day you should be more flexible not limit it. Sure this isn't exactly the same since it is a time limited event and not a permanent event but it just doesn't help the game increase time played or users for that fact.


  • Remember that Enmasse is just the publisher, Naddic’s the developer though they do have some influence in their decisions. I heard that event runs being account-wide became a permanent thing in KR, meaning we’re pretty much just following them. It sucks but there’s nothing that can really be done unless they’re willing to change it for our server :/

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    The answer of your question: Because there are several complain/topic like your on forum/discord the last time we have event dungeon and it's entries per characters ( not account) and people complain there is no life, noone have time to run all 14 characters, they are missing stuff,....

    TLDR: It's an event dungeon and it's variety . Some of dungeon will be character entry limit and some will be account limit. Its' not strictly one way or the other.

  • Thank you for replying to my post about the event I am sad to hear this and also strangely confused as to how that could be possible because the materials are transferable therefore they wouldn't have to run all 14 characters usually I would do the highest ones that were able to do the 70 and over and have loads of extra materials that I would give to the other characters and even then have some extra so not sure how they weren't having enough per character. If it is gonna be account limited why limit it with such a small amount of entries 2 for regular and 3 for elite at this point they might miss out just as much unless they want it for 2 or 3 characters only. I'm just a concerned fan with tons of hours played and can say from experience that should not be the case if we want to be in competition for players. I really love and want this game to gain more attraction but this ain't it chief if those players missed out items after being able to have 14 characters to farm then they just didn't put the time in, this change only hurts the players willing to put in the time for the events and game. Just a constructive opinion on my part this is making me want to log in less hours into the game which I'm sure is a bad thing because there could be others who feel the same way. Sorry for the "complain"/topic" but I felt I have to put in my two cents and see if there is any others who feel the same and maybe voice our concern for this change. And yes I do realize you said it isn't gonna be for every events but the ones that will are just gonna be a bummer.

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    I think there is a little misunderstand in here. I understand your feedback: You want the event have more entries so that you can have "event items" for many of characters and also it's encourage people to play more. I love that as well. In fact I have 12 character level 85 ( 6 of them are ilevel 130+ ). I love Closers as well and I play a lot. I do wish we can have many entries or we have it's per characters.

    My point being it's just another event and it's designed like that by Naddic. Yes you can't have the "event items/outfits/title..." for every character, you have to pick and choose. It's intended working like that. We have event almost on bi-weekly basic ( almost new events every maintenance, every 2 weeks). Event eventually will come back as well.

  • Thank you for listening to my rant moderator hopefully I get to see it back whenever it does go away. I hope this game goes on for another year been playing since beta. This even hopefully gets brought back in Halloween since it fits it well and hopefully they bring back the beach simulator for summer with one or two new items.

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