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Stuck at Endless Loading Screen

Yesterday, I was able to connect to the game with no problems. Now, I got trapped in this endless loading screen with just 7% complete after I clicked play in the EME Launcher. I have tried the repair tool, but it didn't fix the problem. Can anyone help me what cause this?


  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators
    edited June 3

    Unfortunately there isn't much we can help you here. I would suggest you make customer support ticket and they will check and assist you with that.

    Remember to attach your log files as well.

  • FinickyFinicky Member

    I tried customer support, but it didn't help. After I update the game, it somehow fixed the loading screen from stuck to unstuck for some reason. Today's update resolved my problem, so thank you for helping. (^_^) Now, I can finally have fun playing Closers once again.

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