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End game PVE quests questions....

I notice so far all quests says "solo" are the quests at end game same thing? Asking because i prefer to party if possible but if quest are solo then im sure i cant hand em in lol... I know players party up for raids but idk if that all.. Thanks in advanced! Im hopping the endgame quest are party based cuz i play mmos for partying up with players vs solo lol,


  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Not all are solo. End game is technically raids and those quests you can do them with groups. If it's the sub dungeons to get to the raid then there could be some solo's and you can just get over those quickly to get to the group one's

  • Story quests are not "endgame" as Bunny pointed out. You can complete the whole story solo with ez so its kinda pointless to party unless your clearing the same story line.

    Planar Gate/Dim Ops will be your first encounter with the "old endgame" and will find some quests that lead you to battle tougher foe's . you will start to party more when you reach that stuff.

    Just dont plan on Q'n for dungeons till your reach Puri-Ops.

  • JochiraJochira Member

    Yup, main story is partly solo-only, but end-game stuffs like PG, Tia, PG75 and Puri are not part of main story and they can all be done in a party

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