The Seduction Module

How is it compared to other 140 item level Modules?
Obviously going to use it for the boost in item level for now, but if i have the option for other modules, which would be better?


  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council
    edited June 9

    Depends on your class and what stats you value on your class . This is my general value for modules in general:

    T5 1 piece off set module < Zenith module /Seduction module ( seduction module has on use effect as well ) < Crafted module ( sometime people call it planet module) < Hell drop module ( the super insanely rare drop one).

    I also take the cost into account as well that's why T5 is at bottom end since you need to transcendent them 5 times which is RNG dependent .

  • Yeah, i assumed it was a little worse than the Planet Modules, but wasn't entirely sure due to certain stats.

    ty Rukia.

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