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Squad Matching Bug

This just goes endlessly, the timer goes to 0 I can't retry and when I clicked "cancel" it gets stuck there. Only closing and opening the game works.


  • Same thing has been happening to me a lot since this patch.

  • yup. you have to cancel the queue before the countdown hits 0 or else you'll get stuck :cry:

  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators

    Known bug and it's been sent to EME. It happens to me as well and as far as I'm aware there's no fix, either official or a temp. I'm not sure how or why it occurs either.

  • Same thing

  • I submitted a ticket on this the other day, I'm going to include this discussion on it.

  • Well, i cant play with this bug. Its compromised my whole week farm since i cant just put on the queue.

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