Suggestion about queues

since the queue bug been happening alot and the game have been dead for quite a while, there is a chance that you implement a system like in the hunter night hub quests when you run missions with a squad of bots? something like you create a bot squad of your own chars to run puri/raid stuffs?


  • That'd prolly be fun but at the same time really hard to pull off. You know that bots stay afk or dont attack for a bit till you do and trigger them. bots also prolly cant do rotations so that'd slow you down. and on top of that its prolly hard to do.

    The bug will be fixed once the channel bug and the delay is also fixed. Possibly tomorrow with the maint. who knows tho

  • well the bug "can" be fixed. the dead state of the game cant though

  • There does appear to be a semi-capable AI that they can use, I recall TaskForce Veteranus solo stage gives you the other two characters to assist. Nevermind the various other points in the story missions.

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Thank you for the feedback. I will send it to EME/Naddic. I can't promise we got it implement though since even if it got approve , it will take sometime for the developer to code it.

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