Updated KR Tier List

It might be a bit controversial to ask? Or I might start sth crazy? But is there an updated PVE Tierlist so far by VerymerY?
I don't know about you guys since to each his own, but his tier list did in a way tell me what to expect from the newer dungeons.

What I saw so far:


  • btw, Moderators if this might cause a big problem for you guys just tell me. I don't mind it being taken down.

  • VagathVagath Member
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    The first image is from the 2017 and the last one from the 2018. Suffice to say those are irrelevant by now.

    PvE tier list are irrelevant in this game, every closer is viable in PvE. Altought some require more gear than others. However, if you were to make one your wallet would be in the SSS tier.

  • Yes, i understand those are outdated but in a sense its does still helps as it seems that he made the tier list as of the latest raids in KR.
    2017 (pre-puri) - Characters with DPS top the charts
    2018 (puri) - Seha tops bcos boss in there have higher frequency for dmg reduction. though higher DPS are still helpful.

    so im kind of looking for 2019, hopefully can see the coming insect raids? to understand what other mechanics to look out for.

  • Ray676Ray676 Member

    current pve tier list is WG>Bai>everyone else>nata

  • @Ray676 said:
    current pve tier list is WG>Bai>everyone else>nata

    i laughed

  • VagathVagath Member

    I mean, why would you want one? True damage is king, that is why Seth and Seha are condired "better" than the others. But there is no objective way(at least that i know of) to compare perfomance/dps beetween closers. Also, tier list by themselfs without any kind of reasoning why A is better than B are useless.

    With all that said, there isn't any tier list as far as i know and even if there were one, it would probably just be based around the personal perception of the autor.

  • These tier lists are old as hell and irrelevant.

    IF you really wanted a tier list it would look something like

    SSS: Seth / Harpy (HP % dmg on boss is OP)
    SS: Seha and WG
    S: (In any real order) Tina, Yuri, Bai, Soma, Luna, Levia, Violet, J, Seulbi (she got buffed quite a bit in KR)
    A / B: Nata and Tein

  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    Personally i'd rank them like this

    SS: Seth, Harpy(After the most recent buffs, until then shes S tier), Seha, WG and Luna
    S: Tina, Bai, Soma, Levia, J, Seulbi (after the most recent buffs, until then shes C tier)
    A: Nata, Violet
    B: Misteltein

    This tier list is mainly focused around solo play, Tein's utility goes up in a party so i'd probably put him in A+ or even S- when in a party.

    Currently the character balance in KR is pretty decent, the only characters that are really weak are Tein and to some extent Violet, Nata is surprisingly ok even tho people give him a lot of shit.

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