Help on getting task force :)

okay so im kinda stuck on the promotion for task force on my tina acc.. i have all the solidarity shards, chromatic phase essense and alien pressure valves but i only have 68/200 sticky residue and 215/400 amplified dimensional essence.

any tips on how to get more stickies and ampplified dimensional essence? thanks in advance :)


  • NaavsNaavs Member
    edited August 5

    Both of these are possible to make, I suspect doing planar gate runs (level 5) and salvaging equipment from these runs is your best bet to be honest. The best way would be to do these runs at several characters to speed up the process but it's up to you.

  • NaavsNaavs Member

    Ah, forgot to mention - sticky residues drop from mop ups and halls of dragons, so salvaging equipment and doing these dopplegangers would come in handy, but that's all i come up with.

  • cathernyancathernyan Member
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    you also have the option to buy both off of the BM, but sticky residue can get expensive.
    if you have the time it'll be better to farm for the materials, as Naavs has mentioned.

    gl OP. sticky residue is the #1 material needed in almost everything in end game. :'(

  • VagathVagath Member

    For amplified dimensional essences, your best bet is to do pg75(Mephisto + Vitus). An easy way to get stickies is to farm the singulatiry stage(Vitus + Mephisto) with multiple character. Alternatevely, you can complete your union watch missions with multiple characters.

  • thanks once again, ill start grinding them now :) i was also wondering what tcp i should have before soloing yod?

  • I was able to solo YOD at 1.4 M tcp. Preferable, 1.7M was even better

  • okay! thank you sm :)

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