Improved Housing, please?

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If this has already come up, feel free to delete this, but I don't think this is a popular topic in the game. However, I would really like to see more and better options for both houses and gardens, especially the garden.

While I would love to play more, my habit has been come to play for a bit then leave and when I do I tend to leave crops and exploration going. As it stands, the furniture is awkward with how much space there is and the number of available plants is hilariously low.

To add to my frustration is how easily I can get gardening coins and how utterly painful it is to get Explorer coins. I'd honestly like to see one lowered massively and the other bumped slightly (Garden down by maybe 60% drop, Explorer up 30 or so). The problem is I can't really craft any of the plants because they require Exploration coins which I have about 20 or so of compared to my 250+ Gardener coins.

Honestly don't care if it costs in-game or an EMP, I just would like more variety for them besides just Mandragoras and Starflowers and one bathtub. It's nice to see my characters displayed nicely, shame that I have to walk across the entire room to see the majority of them.


  • It would also be great if the characters don't just up and disappear from where they were placed after you take them out for a spin.

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    I do know that KR updated its Housing a few months ago with new craftables and what not, but I can't recall if it included anything else such as QoL things. Regardless, I'll pass your feedback along. Thanks!

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