Tips for Nata?

So in Closers I have two Natas, I play with them very well, it's easy to go through sectors but they don't even have level 80.

At Korean Closers there was an event in which you could take a level 83 character, get very good gear and maximum skills. Of course I chose Nata since he's my favorite. At first I enjoyed playing, it was easy.

Then it became much harder.

Each solo takes me a long time. I have more power than my friend, and her monster killing goes faster. She finished solo with Hoffman in 3 minutes and it took me 7-8 minutes.

I don't know why it's like that. Is Nata really such a weak character? I'm doing something wrong? Any advice for that?


  • TCP doesnt mean anything to be honest. It is really hard to give advice if you dont give more details. However, here is a video I found on youtube that might help you to improve your Nata perfomance. In this game your performance greatly improves clear time, it is not just about gear.

  • When it comes to nata - his buff (ruthlessness) ends very fast, although it's easy to stack. You should use his skills which give buffs (Fiery Fiend, Infinite hell, shadow hunting just to name a few) and try your best not to stop attacking not to lose his main buff.

    Other than that it's all about your performance, like Vagath said - I'm not a Nata main so i can just say this from my gameplay on nata alt, although it'd be lovely to hear some Nata mains give a lot of useful tips ^^

  • Well, Nata is just weak w/o his FM4 buff, so you're not doing anything wrong

    But like @Naavs said, you rather stay on the offensive to keep his buff alive

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