Buying and selling Ninja pieces


I'm looking for:

• Tina's Ninja Hair (any type)

• Tina's Ninja Weapon (any type either)

I'm selling:

• Seha's Crimson Ninja boots

• Sylvi's Cobalt Ninja Top

• Sylvi's Crimson Ninja dress (bottom)

• Yuri's Onyx Ninja Top

• Yuri's Cloud Ninja Dress (bottom)

• Nata's Onyx Ninja Hair

• Nata's Cloud Ninja Trousers

• Mini Dust Adult Pet

Please invite me ingame: viiane (code name) and pm, or write here if u interested in buying anything from me, or if u can sell me tina's ninja hair/weapon.


  • Newly added:

    • J's Onyx/Crimson weapon

    • J's Onyx top

    • Seha's Crimson Bottom 3 strs

    • Sylvi's crimson hair

    • Sylvi's cloud shoes

    • Levia's Cloud hair 3 stars

    • Harpy's Cloud weapon

  • Hi, Sylvi's Crimson Ninja Hair still up?

    ign: woetome

  • Noo. sylvi's hair already gone, forgot to edit

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