An Update to the Seth Fanart Contest

Hey there folks,

We appreciate all of your support, submissions, and comments on the Seth Fanart contest!

Unfortunately, it would seem that one of the winners for the contest provided us with art that was not entirely their own. Based on this, they have been disqualified from the competition, and will not have their art presented as a winning submission, or as an entry.

To counteract this, we will be posting one additional winner to the fanart contest! While we won't be able to feature this winner in our launcher or in the in-game banner, we will still post their art here on the forums, on our twitter, and they will have their artwork featured on the in-game billboards for the full two weeks. As well, they will be receiving the previously stated prize.

We appreciate all of your passion for this, and I would like to once again thank everyone for entering the Seth Fanart Contest. We look forward to running one of these again in the future!


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